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Princess42 03-15-2013 05:27 PM

Sonny's story
You were my life
We were a team
You were my dream come true
I thought you'd be here forever
I thought we could be together for life
Nothing makes sense to me anymore
You were there for me always and never let me down
We had our ups and downs but always came through it as a team
We had the perfect life... Until that fateful day...

I went I school as normal knowing everything wi you was fine... Or so I thought
Whilst I was at school you had the worst accident ever or so I thought it was an accident! I came home from school to the news I always had dreaded , I was told sonny had to be put to sleep earlier that day my boy had been chased by the other two people's horses he shared a field with, they chased him to the point he fell and snapped all the tendons in his front leg, the people looking after their horses left him there just lying there in pain for three whole hours until they had the decency to get a vet! She said there was nothing they could do for him and that the best thing to do was to end his pain, I'm glad they did as I hate to think of him suffering, I wish I was there and had the chance to comfort him in his last moments, but I couldn't, the vet took him away somewhere after he had the lethal injection, I wish I could have been there to keep him calm and make his last moments nice, instead of just being layer there... By the time I got told my boy had been dead for just over 4 hours! I miss him so much
I can't breathe without him
N know he's better off now as it breaks my heart to know he suffered for three whole hours, what's the worst is it wasn't an accident , the women told my mum somebody had left the feed room door open and he had fell trying to get in... That's an accident.... A few days later we found out their horses had killed him they knew this all along but didnt say, it wasn't an accident they could have took their horses away from him when they saw them chasing my boy but they didnt they just ignored it which cause my boys death, ill never forgive them for lying and letting their horse kill my boy!
I love you so much Sonny R.I.P sweet dreams my boy!<3
P.s I Was NOT there neither was any of my family we didnt see it happen if we had saw their horses chasing him we would have stopped them, my mother didnt know until she got the phone call to go up there , she stayed with him while he had his lethal injection! It was not our fault it was the other women and their horses fault! Any hate or bad comments will be simply ignored I love my boy with all my heart and would never have let this happen if I had the chance
,<3 love you Sonny rest in peace my angel!<3

WesternRider88 03-16-2013 04:14 PM

I'm so very sorry for your loss, that is exactly how I felt when I lost my horse, Duke, from twisted gut. He was my most best friend. Sorry for such a tragic loss, Rest in peace Sonny.

Princess42 03-17-2013 09:37 AM

Thank you, I miss him a lot and very sorry to hear about Duke

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