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ponypal 10-07-2008 06:46 PM

I have been thinking hard about owning a horse and I then thought about leasing. I just need some info. if any of you lease can you tell me your point of view on it?:???:

Apollo 10-07-2008 06:52 PM

I have only leased for three months in the summer. I have done that with two different horses. My experience with it has been pretty ok since I was able to ride everyday if I wanted. Vet and farrier were included, the only other thing I had to do besides ride and groom was to clean the stall. The downside, however, is that other people can still ride the horse. least that is how it is for my barn. I do know that different barns do different things, so I suppose it all depends on where you plan on leasing. Overall it is a good thing to do before you get your first horse, since it gives you a bit more insight on the care and prices and what not.

ponypal 10-07-2008 07:16 PM

yeah that seems pretty ok. you are right that it would give more expirience. did youhave to buy anything or work with the idk, the insurence or anything like that? ok thanks for the info!

Apollo 10-07-2008 07:23 PM

We had to sign something that basically said that if we got hurt while on the horse we couldn't sue the owner. I already owned my own tack and grooming supplies, so I was ok there. But the barn that I'm at each horse has their own grooming supplies and bridles and there is a tack room full of saddles to use. So once again, it depends on the barn you plan on leasing at.

ponypal 10-07-2008 07:27 PM

ok i have talked to my barn manager and she sayed we wouldnt have to buy all the grooming supplies so thats good. ok thanx!

juju 10-07-2008 08:43 PM

i have leased for 3 years, on two differnt ponys. Both leases went really well. I was able to use their tack and i get along well with the owners. They were also 1/2 leases but it normally worked out that i could ride more then my 1/2.
It was also nice because when i moved onto the 2nd pony, i could still ride the 1st one - kind of like pay one, and get one for free!!!!!

missy06 10-07-2008 08:54 PM

I've never owned, only leased. I've done it a few different ways. The 1st was just a 1/2 lease at where the owner had her horse kept. I was able to ride a few scheduled days a week, and she loaned me everything she owned for her mare (tack, grooming supplies, etc). I was only responsible for paying a lease fee to her; nothing else. The 2nd mare I leased was at the owner's home, and for a flat monthly fee I could come out and ride whenever I wanted. Again, freedom to use all her equipment, no farrier, vet or any of that. The lease I'm about to get into is unique, in a way. I'm getting to move the gelding to a facility of my choice, I'm covering his board, farrier and wormer, but not vet. She's loaning me tack, but it will very much be like he's my horse. Additionally, I'm also paying a small monthly lease fee to the owner.

Leasing is a really great place to start. I feel like my first two leases weren't great trial runs for eventual ownership, but this one will be.

SallyRC123 10-07-2008 09:29 PM

I'm currently leasing a 4 year old mare. I've never owned a horse, and so far the lease is fantastic. I pay $30 (Australian) a week for her adjistment and use the owners saddle, other than that I have brought my own bridle and saddle blanket as well as halter and lead. She is a great little horse and lots of fun, I am also getting lessons on her off her owner who is a riding instructor. So I'm learning lots too. Theres lots of grass in her paddock so she only needs a biscuit of hay after rides. Leasing is a great way to experience what owning a horse is like, I would recommend it to anyone.:D

Apollo 10-07-2008 10:10 PM

I think I would lease more if it wasn't so expensive. At my barn it is around $150-$200 I believe. If you are in 4-H she gives you a discount, but I do know that last year she raised her prices, so who knows how much it is now. That is probably why I only lease in the summer. lol. Plus, she makes us pay a "horse rental" fee if we show anywhere, so it just drains more and more money. I hopefully will be leasing next summer though since it will be my last summer here before college.

How much does everyone else pay for leasing?

upnover 10-08-2008 10:01 AM

Depends on the horse and the situation. For most top show horses, the lease fee will be about 20% of the horse's purchase price per show year. We have several lease horses available at our barn that we charge about $100-200 a month, plus all expenses (board, farrier, etc). Some people are fine with doing a lease with no lease fee, but you'd still be expected to pay for expenses. I have a girl half leasing my pony and she pays $100 a month plus expenses (which does include his insurance) and he is all hers for 3 days a week. She has her own saddle and grooming supplies but I let her use my bridle and boots. I would let leasees borrow some of my tack specific to the horse (if they're responsible) but I rarely allow anyone to borrow my saddle!

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