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BreannaMarie 03-16-2013 10:36 AM

sale/trade 2yr sweet filly
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Destynee will be 3 on memorial day of this year. Her mother is racking horse but her father is unknown. She stands for farrier and she stands tied, can be spooky at times but shes still young and has alot to learn. She has an issue getting into the trailer but once shes in shes fine and does well. I have put the pony saddle and bridle on her to get her used to it before she is old enouh to be broke to ride and she did fine. Shes to young to put any weight on her back yet. She should mature around 14-15hh, she is 13hh as of the last time i measured her. The only reason i am looking to sell/trade her is i am in 4h and i show my horses, mainly in speed events, and my speed horse is injured and no longer usable so i need a speed horse, not to replace rose, my first one, but to use while rose is healing(she will be usable in, the vet said, about 2yr.s) and then to continue riding afterward. Rose may not even be usable but we dont know for sure yet. So id like to trade Destynee for a horse that is at least broke to ride(i can is needed start the horse on speed myself) that i can use for speed and 4h. I will continue to work with Destynee until someone comes along and wants to give her a chance and put the time and effort into her that she needs and i will continue to keep in contact with whoever takes her so i know that she is being taken care. No meat buyers. Im hoping to gt $300obo for Detsynee so i can find one that i can use or trade her for one that i can use. Thanks.

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