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Kati 03-16-2013 05:53 PM

OTTB Mare- Low Level Jumping or Eventing?
I've been looking at this rescue mare near me. I really like her, but this line worries me about her ad:
'though shes still a bit weak behind (couldnt quite make it over the higher jumps)'
*she came off the track with a very sore hind*
This is after six months pasture rest. They say she appears completely sound, the problem only appears at the higher jumps. If we got her, she'd be very lightly worked on the flat this year with the help of a trainer and only started over jumps next summer (also with a trainer) if she seemed sound for it. (I have a horse for jumping now, she's just on the older side and does get sore very easily). Right now, I'm only interested in the lowest levels and if she can't work past that level when I'm ready to than I'll find a leasee or new owner who could also use her and respect her limitations.
The mare

At the end of the ad, they state that they think she'd be a great dressage or low-level jumping horse. They seem to be honest and straight-forward about all their horses' problems. We'd also be going to meet her in person and get a vet check, but I'd love to hear about any problems you guys have found that we should watch for.

(She's priced at $300 and she's coming 7. If we did purchase her for the given price and for some reason she didn't work out as a jumper, would you see her as easy to rehome for the same price?)

deserthorsewoman 03-16-2013 06:06 PM

I like her. If you're fine with low level jumping, I don't see why she shouldn't be okay. Price is right. If she was closer I'd snatch her up;-) . I would aka what they think the reason for the weakness could be, tho.

JaphyJaphy 03-16-2013 06:10 PM

What's up with her front legs in the picture? It looks like there is something on her socks...

Kati 03-16-2013 06:13 PM


Originally Posted by deserthorsewoman (Post 1940753)
I like her. If you're fine with low level jumping, I don't see why she shouldn't be okay. Price is right. If she was closer I'd snatch her up;-) . I would aka what they think the reason for the weakness could be, tho.

I definitely will! I'm hoping it's nothing serious. They have a chiropractor out on a regular basis for a gelding they have, so I may ask if they can have them take a look (if they haven't already).

She's gorgeous in the photos. I'm already in love :) She has a kind eye and looks like a gentle giant in all her photos (she's 16.3 hh)

She also had a poultice on her legs in that photo. I'll ask for more details on that too, but I believe it was right after she came off the track. I think her trainer raced her too hard and she came off quite sore.

Canterklutz 03-16-2013 06:44 PM

I don't think this would be a horse I would take on as an eventer or expect to have a long term career in lower level jumping. Her soundness issue may be something managable or it could be something that cuts her riding career short. Obviously have a vet take a look at it. If she does turn out to have soundness issues that require a lot of management or limit her riding its going to be difficult to rehome her regardless of her price.

Kati 03-17-2013 10:06 AM

So I've sent an email to them, asking for more information and if they don't believe she'd be suitable if they have any others I can look at. Obviously if they say she's suitable, I'll still have her vetted, but if they say she's not, well it's obviously time to move on. Haven't even met the horse yet and I'm in love. Fingers crossed, there's not any real problems there as I'm already sold. :lol:

deserthorsewoman 03-17-2013 10:36 AM

I watched the other videos they have up. Apart from the gelding, she moves the nicest. Don't know how important jumping is for you, which is the most important question, obviously. I personally can live very well without it:-)
What I would do in your shoes, is make sure their contract doesn't say you can't rehome her without their permission, like some rescues do. Ask if they would help with it if need be.
Then there is a difference, should she really have a problem. Is it fixable with proper care and time, or is it chronic and/or progressive. The low price certainly reflects that there is one, just a matter of finding out what it is. And what you can live with.
Fingers crossed:-)

maura 03-17-2013 10:59 AM

Ehhh, I don't know. I do love he attitude, but what I see in her hind end is what my old vet called "knifey" movement in her hocks - she brings her hind leg abruptly up, rather than smoothly bringing forward under her body. Watch her move and you'll that her hind legs have a completely different movement and flight path than her fronts.

This is not what you want in a dressage of any level. OTTBs tend to be a challenge to school correctly in dressage anyway, because of the difficulty in getting them to relax their backs and move correctly back to front, this girl will have some additional challenges.

It will also really limit her scope over fences - 2'6" to 3" should be fine, I think higher will be a struggle for her.

I am quite sure chiro and massage would help her, but please ask yourself if you'd rather pay more money for a sounder horse or less money for an ongoing maintenence problem. If you really just want a pleasure horse and something to lark over low fences, I think she'd be fine, and I commend her sellers for being realistic and straightforward about her prospects. I hope she does find a nice home.

But, if it were my money, I'd pass. There are a lot of free and cheap horses on the market right now, and tons of OTTBs. I would look for something with less potential to be expensive to maintain.

Kati 03-17-2013 11:23 AM

Glad to hear everyone's opinions! This is their other horse that I'd be interested in. The gelding will be expensive to maintain for sure as he's already visited regularly by a chiropractor.

This is an 11 y/o black mare. She's 15.2 hh. Retired sound and restarted.
A Picture
Dory Video

And this is another mare, but right now I'm not too interested in her.
She's a 9 y/o bay. 16.2 hh. Not restarted but was retired sound 4 years ago. Been a broodmare since.
First Picture
She seems very narrow
Debbie on Lunge

deserthorsewoman 03-17-2013 12:02 PM

Dory has a very strange she's trotting on hot coals....hard to explain, and might be completely different in person, but from the video.....not for me.
The other mare...narrow, yes. Not the most flattering pics of her.......

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