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Sltlkids 03-16-2013 10:03 PM

Paso fino that is pacing
I have a seven year old gelding that I bought as a performance show horse. He had a very quick and tight gait when I bought him but in the past year he has started pacing more and more. I took a year off of showing and want to start again but I cannot get him to stop pacing. He starts out good but quickly deteriorates into a pace. I have gone back to the basics with ground work and flexing. I haven't changed any of his tack. I don't know what to do anymore. Any suggestions?

bbsmfg3 03-17-2013 10:38 AM

A pacing Paso is relatively rare.

I'd be looking for something physical that has changed. Is the rear hoof angle too low? Is the saddle pinching his withers? Is the weight he is carrying different? Does he have a pain issue? Have you changed the bit or curb chain in anyway? How long since he had a Equine Dentist do his teeth? Is his sheath clean?

If he was a fino horse, was it natural or forced? If forced, and your not forcing it any longer, you may have to make some changes, to get him to change his way of going, ie, hoof angle, weight being cared, type of saddle, etc.

Are you pushing him beyond his current physical conditioning? If they get tired (and many of them will never show it), the pace may be the easier gait.

G8tdh0rse 03-22-2013 10:30 AM

I agree, that a pacing Paso is rare. If they get off gait it is usually to the trotty side. I have a Columbian mare that is more troche which to me is the fancy work for trotty. There is nothing fino about her.

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