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Breezy2011 03-17-2013 03:58 AM

Shopping List For Breeze
This summer my intentions are keeping Breeze black. I am planning on showing her, so yes, I want her coat to look nice. This summer we will be going to at least 2 shows (hopefully more) and participating in halter and showmanship.

I have made a shopping list that I think will be good to reduce the fading of her coat.
What do you all think, anything I should add or take away?

-Kool Coat UV Fly Sheet
Kool Coat Light UV Fly Sheet -
-Quic Black Shampoo
Quic Black Shampoo -
-Fly Mask
Cashel Quiet Ride Fly Mask with Ears -
-Tail Bag (not sure though)
Mustang Nylon Tail Bag -
-Mane and Tail Shampoo
Mane N Tail Shampoo -
-Mane and Tail Conditioner
Mane N Tail Conditioner -

Also feeding paprika, but stopping before a show... Maybe?

Anything else I should add? Or take away? I was thinking either taking away the trail bags, and just trimming out the faded hair before a show, or adding leg wraps... but then again, her legs don't fade.

With the mane and tail shampoo and conditioner, can you use that on their whole body, mane, tail and the rest? What do you think of the Quic Black shampoo?

I know there are other options to keep her black, but a lot of them is not available, like keeping in a stall during the day, and letting out at night... not going to happen.

I also know there is no way to keep a black horse 100% black, unless it was always kept out of the sun.

Breezy2011 03-17-2013 04:02 AM

Also maybe getting sun screen spray to put in her mane. I know the side of her neck her mane is on is pitch black as it is covered by her mane, but the other side fades.

I will also wash the sweat off her when she seats a lot, but not bathe her too much.

Breezy2011 03-17-2013 04:11 AM

Here are a few pics of what she looks like now, although this is from a few weeks ago, and she is shedding now:

existentialpony 03-17-2013 05:45 AM

I use Mane n Tail shampoo on the whole body, so yup! Perfectly safe!

brookeabee123 03-17-2013 09:26 AM

Agreed with the mane and tail. From what I hear about the paprika it has to be done before they start shedding their winter coat or before they begin to grow their winter coat. So it's a seasonal thing. If you do plan on using I'd start soon so you will see results. Another option as far as food goes is just using oil. Check out statelines supplements section and click on the coat and hair if you want to buy from there. You could also just use corn oil. I heard it works just as well! That way you won't have to worry about your shows as much. That's what gives horses that deep glowing from within look.

A friend of mine uses sun screen for her horse and I think it helps out quite a bit. Especially when it comes to their manes getting that bleached out look. I have a sorrel (I've only had him since the end of last summer) but his mane always gets lighter than his body and I don't like it cause it looks orange and his body is red! Lol so I will be trying sunscreen to this year!

Good luck!
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backyardhorse 03-17-2013 05:51 PM

Have nothing substantial to add to the post, but I LOVE the first pic with the goofy pose. Being a transplantee from Michigan to Kentucky, I also envy the snow that you seem to have in abundance!

JaneyWaney9 03-18-2013 04:17 PM

YAY, you have a Kool Coat down! Those are seriously the best.
I have a shampoo by the same company as Quic Black, but it's for a chestnut, and I like it a lot. I only use it on his body, and use Mane n Tail on his legs, tail, and everything else. I figure not only is it expensive (so I don't want to waste it on his legs or tail), but I wouldn't want to put that on his face. I usually use baby shampoo for his face if I have it, if not, I water down a bit of Mane n Tail shampoo.
Also, hose him off really well when he gets sweaty. I don't trust sweat scrapers all that much, I just feel like they push sweat around and only get off what is dripping.

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