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kristy 12-19-2006 06:23 PM

Dressage Videos
(notice his extended trot and canter, too.)

Quarterback Stallion - The dressage world's controversial and extremely popular new stallion.
Go down to video clip of Quarterback. It takes a bit to load so don't fret if nothing shows for a minute. If one doesn't load, try the other video link.

Prince#Rider 12-29-2006 07:25 PM

Wow, that is SO beautiful!

Rio's Kabam 01-03-2007 08:07 PM

Wow. That is amazing.

We have a big cardboard poster thing of Carol and Gifted at my barn. =D

barnrat 01-03-2007 08:34 PM

Holy Cow that took my breath away!
Nice extended trot and canter

My neice thought the horses name was mikey, she is 3, she probably thought that cuz I ride and my favorite horse is named mike.

She told me she wanted a smiley face so I am going to let her put some emoticons.

:twisted: :evil: :x :? :twisted: :D :?: :arrow: :| :mrgreen: :!: :?:

kristy 01-03-2007 09:15 PM

Gifted is one of my absolute favorites.

Miischiief 01-30-2007 11:18 AM

wow have a look at this....
apparently he want to do prelim....

kounter_kaanter 03-04-2007 10:50 PM

This partnership keeps be keen to ride dressage every day.
[Anky Van Grunsven & Solinero. they won the '04 olympic games for dressage freestyles]

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