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toto 03-19-2013 01:48 AM

salmonella / e coli
is it possible for a horse to get salmonella, or e coli from their water source?

Cherie 03-19-2013 08:17 AM

Salmonella and some strains of E-coli as well as some strains of Coccidia can cause Coccidiosis but usually only young or debilitated horses are sickened.

I have seen most cases come from bird contamination. I won't let chickens roost in a barn or let horses graze with geese and ducks. I have had one weanling die from Salmonella when geese invaded a winter wheat pasture to eat the grass. We do not let them clean up around horse feeders, especially where foals, weanlings or yearlings are kept.

E-coli is less pathogenic than Salmonella and coccidia are usually species specific, but again, it will be young horses and debilitated horses that are most susceptible.

I have not known of any horse getting sick from a water source, but I suppose it is possible. Horses that live in natural pastures and drink from ponds probably have a good immunity to everything. Horse that go from years in stall to being turned out where there are low and nasty ponds might be susceptible, but I have not seen it.

I have seen horses and cattle killed by botulism in hot summer months when there is a drought and the ponds get really nasty, hot and low. We had 50 horses drinking city water when our ponds started to go dry last summer. I had to move some of them because they kept wanting that nasty water and would wade knee-deep mud to drink the tiny bit of water that was left in a pond.

walkinthewalk 03-19-2013 10:01 AM

If you suspect your water source is making your livestock sick, and it's a creek or a pond, get the water tested. I would go so far as to test the soil in the creek or pond.

It is always possible something is filtering into your water source at the hands of humans, and it's making your livestock sick.

Once again I can't remember which county or water source, but there was something in the news a few years back about creek pollution in one of the counties to the north.

It stayed in the news for a few weeks and then magically disappeared with (I am pretty sure) no resolve. That is because, some facility was "accidentally" draining their waste into the creek and it was causing the fish and other creatures to die off. I can't remember what that facility did but I remember thinking they should have had a containment source for their waste water.

toto 03-19-2013 06:40 PM

I was wonderin because our neighbor said something about their water bein contaminated, do to the city ruining over 100 wells from digging to put in city water.. we are gonna test our water, but i was wonderin if it would matter for the equine or not.. thanks for the answers. very interesting information ill have to do more research on. :-)

Cherie 03-20-2013 08:03 AM

When city water is 'contaminated' it is usually still safe for livestock. It is seldom from bacterial contamination. Even slight bacteria levels will have 'boil orders' sent out and those are never unsafe for animals.

Most city water contamination is from chemicals, usually high Nitrate levels. This is most common in farming areas and is from fertilizer run-off and even them it is considered unhealthy for infants and pregnant women. There are several small towns in the plains states (like western Oklahoma) that get their water from the Ogalalla aquifer. Hundreds of thousands of heavily fertilized acres of land have been irrigated from this aquifer for so many years that Nitrate levels are really high.

States test city water very frequently and I have never seen it bad enough for livestock to not be able to drink it safely. I would not waste money having it tested. I would just ask the water company for their last test results. People-safe water would not be a livestock threat, especially since it is chlorinated.

toto 03-23-2013 05:00 PM

They were drilling to put in city water lines out where I live and the rumblings from the equipment cracked/busted over 100 wells around where i live.

Our neighbors well was i guess contaminated with salmonella, or e coli, and had sewage in it.
The well we drink from is from a natrural spring-- our well is higher than our neighbors-- i guess the spring is like an underground creek, or somethin? I have no idea. But it does make me wonder what kinds of turtles/ etcetra could have layed eggs near where the spring is, and they went down the 'underground creek' and contaminated everything? I have no idea about the fecal matter, or if its animal or human, but its all the same nasty to me!! Lol.

I wish we had city water sometimes!! Lol. --sorry for the confusion-- i totally suck at explaining things.. :-P

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