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bjb 03-19-2013 09:03 AM

teeth that need floating
I recently bought a really nice 6 year old dun mare she hasnt been keep up to date on her care. After we got her home we realized she needed her teeth floated (shes probably never had it done). She is a little thin you can slightly see her ribs and she drops like half of her grain. She is a nervous type mare so things tend to stress her out a bit more than they should. She also grinds her teeth which when we first got her I thought it was a cracking in her neck so I had a chiropractor pay her a visit. they told me her neck and back are fine and that the cracking is actually her teeth grinding. they did tell me however that her teeth are causing her to have a headache.

So I guess my question is what sort of issues can teeth cause horses other than headaches? She seems a little sore all over her face and high up in the neck. I am wondering if all the nervousness isnt related to her teeth too. We have a vet scheduled in about 2 weeks to come float her teeth and give her shots.

NaeNae87 03-19-2013 09:18 AM

Bad teeth can cause inability to flex on a certain rein and to soften onto the bit, horses can stuggle to pick up a particular canter lead and perform lead changes. Bad teeth can cause ulcers and lacerations on the cheeks and tongue.
Umm what else?
Head shaking, quidding (dropping feed), behavioral problems when ridden (rearing, bucking), the temporal muscles on the top of the head will become uneven.

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