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cowgirlnay 03-19-2013 04:57 PM

Bob's Custom Saddles?
Specifically - A Bob's Custom cutting saddle - Any opinions? I am looking into trading in my nice ranch saddle for one..I've went through 3 "cheaper" cutting saddles already and none have fit my horse very well. So, looking to get a nicer quality saddle that will hopefully fit him a lot better. I found a Bob's cutter in very good shape that is only three years old. They're spendy, but hopefully worth the price.

lopealllope 03-20-2013 07:29 PM

Love bob's saddles. Well worth the money, and they last forever. Most comfortable saddle I've ever been in!

cowgirlnay 03-20-2013 07:29 PM

good to know!!

COWCHICK77 03-20-2013 07:32 PM

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I have ridden in the cutters, reiners and cowhorse ones, loved them all!

EDIT, to add, if you get a Bob's, take care of it then decide to sell it later- you will get your money back out of it.

cowgirlnay 03-22-2013 12:07 PM

thanks guys....any idea if it will fit a horse with wide withers well?? He does not have high withers, more flat and broad, and his butt is higher than withers - typical cowhorse :) Anyways, I'm having a hard time finding one that's not too narrow in the withers! But I've heard the higher end saddles usually fit a horse pretty well.

COWCHICK77 03-22-2013 10:52 PM

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It should, I rode a few round barreled, low withered colts in one with no issues. But I think that may have been one of the cowhorse models...I can't be for sure.
If nothing else, you won't have any problems getting rid of it.

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