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travlingypsy 10-10-2008 05:27 PM

Boys and barn owners are a no!... No!
RRRRRR this is soooo frustrating!

Ok So my barn owner is in the middle of a divorce. She has a son,living with her parents. Tough times. Instead of throwing her self into the barn doing the things she needs to do, shes shacking up with the freakin ferrier! Shes known him for a really long time, he has two sons, she spends every weekend up their with him (1 hour away from the barn.)

Its getting to the point where its taking forever to get things done. Oh and not to metion, I just relized that this barn isnt a boarding stable anymore its only a training facility because she dosent care about the other horses just hers! So its time to fianly get bark in the runs and t/o padocks, that was at least three weeks ago! My horse only got turned out ONCE! And thats becuase we were feeding that morning. She kept on saying how she wanted to wait till thier was a nice day. Well three went by and she wasnt getting the fencing up! It takes what and hour and a half to do three small padocks!

While all her "SPECIAL" horses get turnout! Not to mention one boarder who is on full care. WHOOOPY! My horse goes nuts if she dosent get her turnout she gets freakin looooopy and the BO knows that becuase she trained the darn horse. I get one flippen day! Then yesterday she finally got the fencing up. Puts her two "special" horses out and basiclly waits till im done with all the stalls and asked if I want gypsy out. "Um no thats ok since she would ONLY BE OUT FOR 10 MINS!

RRRRRR then THEN get this, shes borrowing her grandpas NICE john deer tractor and the bark in the other padocks hasnt been leveled so their are like huge piles of bark sitting in the other padocks. Get YOUR BUT UP AND DO THE JOB! She knows how to run it since she did it before...

I dont even want to metion the spreader! Oh and now that great big ol tractor is in the arena while we ride. Here i am lalala walking around the arena, she tells me that the horse she is on wants to kick the crap out of my horse. So im stuck using the side with the tractor I have like half of a half of a arena to what trot? Lord knows I cant canter.... So then she finally shes that im walking in a figure 8 cause thats all I can do, so im trotting and trying to stay the heck away from this horse. Hmmmm

And its taken her forever to start training the horses again, im sorry thats a huge waist of a clients money. Paying for training and not getting it. Shes had the same horses for a LONG time um what happend to train, sell buy new ones,train, sell. Not happening and she complains about money!

Im sorry but to all you barn owners out there, dont you do your work! I mean you run your barn! To you Ranchers, you get out there in the freakin rain and fix those fences! You get on that tractor and you haul butt!

All of this just because she met a boy! No time for the barn while were making out in the van/horse trailer/ hay barn...any where els we dont know about. Oh and this lady is in her 30s!

Oh man sorry this is so long it just gets me so mad because this is my dream! I have so much passion for this and shes letting it slip away. I want a big fancy barn whith clients and a family like environment. I want my own barn! To be my own trainer! I'll get out there and work my butt off for my dream.... :evil: <<< thats me!

Steak, and cake and cookies, brownies, pure sugar cane for every one who got to the end!
Thanks for reading!

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