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Copperhead 03-20-2013 07:33 PM

Raina saw the chiropractor
I met the equine chiropractor today and I really liked him! I told him Raina's been off for a while on the right side and he nodded and went over to her side, pushed his thumb into her shoulder and she just about sat down. I was really skeptical because I have been trying to figure out where or why she was sore. The vet couldn't tell me anything and the farrier insisted it was an abscess (it wasnt).

I guess he had seen her before and he said that because of her past flipping problem (she used to rear up and flip herself over whenever she felt reason to), she will most likely need adjustments every couple months. He said it was the same as you or I just flinging ourselves over backwards, except a horse is much taller and heavier so the impact would be worse (lol I figured). Long term damage and soreness could creep up with constant insult like that and it's something I understand since I have a bad back myself from continuous abuse.

The first time he went to adjust her ribs, her eyes bulged and she shot out from under him. I was not expecting that in the least. He tried again and she stood for it but wasnt happy. The best part was when he adjusted her neck. She was very wide eyed and tense and the second her neck popped, her head lowered, she heaved a bit sigh, she licked and chewed and her eyes shut. It was like from one extreme (immensely tense) to another (sooooo relaxed) in a split second. He worked in depth on her shoulder as well and got the same result. It really felt good to see how much comfort she got from the adjustment.

He stretched her legs out after the adjustment and then checked her shoulder again. She ducked at the pressure and he adjusted her again. I guess the stretching popped her shoulder out of line. He recommend I cold hose her shoulder immediately after the adjustment to "lock it in", so I did.

He was kind if a "hippy" guy, the sort of person I really enjoy, and we had a fun visit. Im so happy SOMEONE found something on her that ties in with the pain she's been having. He also does farrier work and if he's not too far away, I'm going to used him. The last farrier was subpar and I'm looking for another.

Anyways I took some pictures!

"Ahh that hurts!"

Instant relief

Working on her shoulder

Now the ribs

The back end

And some stretching

She was definitely not to most cooperative but he was patient with her. I'm going to give her some more time off to settle and see how she does. I'm so relieved to find someone who could finally show me "why" and have a general understanding of her pain. Hopefully this will help her out some!

AlexS 03-20-2013 07:40 PM

I had a similar experience with a chiro. It's clearly uncomfortable for a bit, but when the relief comes for the horse, it's so visible.

The week after the first chiro visit my skinny horse also put on some weight, I guess that he wasn't burning all his energy walking crooked.

Copperhead 03-20-2013 09:46 PM

I really was skeptical since I've met a lot of "best in the area" people who I've really been unhappy with when I hire them. I guess since I've never hired a chiropractor before, I wouldn't know if he was good, average or bad...but I got a good feel for him and I was really impressed with the relief he have my horse since no one else had any idea what was going I think I'll hired him back lol I'm hoping this is the relief she needs to get back in working order or I'll be back to problem solving!

It was a new experience, that's for sure!
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