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Tulula81 03-20-2013 11:53 PM

Moving for a job...looking for board within 20 miles of Marietta, GA
Hi Everyone,
I will be moving for a new job in April and will have to move my horse at some point. I can keep him boarded where he is currently, but I would like to move him sooner, rather than later, so we don't have to be apart until my house sells.

I'm looking to rent an apartment in Marietta and would like to find a boarding facility that is no more than 25 miles away or 30 minutes (whichever ends up being the lesser of the two). Based on my initial research, it looks like Powder Springs, Kennesaw and maybe Dallas? Here are some of my wish list items the facility should have
  • Board- must be $550 or less. Pasture board is ok too
  • Riding Arena- covered or indoor
  • Trails- at least 10 acres, but preferably significantly more, wooded is even better
  • mirrors in arena
  • able to bring in own trainer/instructor
  • laid back atmosphere. Show if you want but not feel pressured to
I've done a bit of "google" searching and have found a few barns. I've been on craigslist looking up places that didn't show up on google. I would love to know your first hand experience in regards to facility and atmosphere of the barn. I am looking for laid back and keeping drama to a minimum.

To me, it doesn't matter if the barn is h/j, western or dressage. As long as the criteria are met and the people are friendly and the horses are well cared for!

Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions :D

SouthernTrails 03-21-2013 07:03 AM

MyBoyPuck 03-23-2013 08:26 PM

I used to live in Woodstock, about 15 minutes north or Marietta. That whole area is humans, humans and more humans. It's very land locked, so you might have to go a bit further north to find some options. There was a new place opening when I moved away in Cobb(?) I think. It looked like a nice hunter/jumper place. It was up off of I-575 about 15 minutes north of Marietta. I can't remember the names of the roads anymore, but I want to say it was exit 5 off 575, take a right like you're going to Cobb, or else I would be of more use. Traffic is a nightmare in that area, so find a place that will have you heading up I-75 or I-575 instead of toward Atlanta or Alpharetta. Heading north will keep you out of the traffic mess. Good luck in your search.

goingnowhere1 03-27-2013 09:30 PM

My daughter and I live in the Marietta area, and we have gone to 6 barns and spent 8 years touring barns and riding at different places. Each has had their own problems, but I would highly recommend Jennifer L. Buck stables (more expensive than $550, but the care is incredible, I'm not sure if there is room right now), triple s eventing has pasture board as well as stall and it is an incredibly nice place (we had problems with the manager's worry about my child's safety), and the resources (pastures are dirt though) at Dreampower therapy are amazing.
Please google these three because they are awesome places!
Good luck in your search, and if you want to know a few places to usually avoid, pm me!

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