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HorseCourage 03-21-2013 09:43 AM

Washing the face ?
Oh goodness. So I had put some MTG on my mare's mane tail and stupidly put some one her forelock but now the upper part of her neck and near her ears and base of the forelock, or grossly oily. Her face is pretty bad too and feels really gross to touch... How do I get all that oil out? and make her look all clean and pretty again ?

gypsygirl 03-21-2013 09:47 AM

is it warm enough to hose her down ?

wetrain17 03-21-2013 09:53 AM

Use a luke warm water and a sponge/hose. Just try not to get water in her ears.

Saddlebag 03-21-2013 09:56 AM

Or her eyes. A frequently rinsed sponge is likely the safest.

waresbear 03-21-2013 10:35 AM

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Don't spray your horse in the face with a hose, it's disrespectful (I read this years ago in a horse magazine). A bucket of warm water and a terry cloth and a sponge is what you need. Frequently rinse your cloth & sponge, and keep wiping the horse's face until it's all clean.

Cat 03-21-2013 10:37 AM

I use baby tear-less shampoo to wash the face. Works great!

walkinthewalk 03-21-2013 10:45 AM


Originally Posted by Cat (Post 1978698)
I use baby tear-less shampoo to wash the face. Works great!

Ditto that and ditto not spraying the water hose in the horse's face.

If the baby shampoo doesn't get the MTG out, very very carefully use Dawn dish soap and warm water.

You will want to have your wash cloth good and wet but not so wet the water will stream into her eyes.

Use as little shampoo or soap as possible because the more you put in the forelock, the longer it will take to get it out:-)

waresbear 03-21-2013 10:50 AM

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Several brands of horse shampoo are tearless as well. I know for a fact Absorbine's superpoo and a Rio Vista one are, got some globs of it in my eyes, no tears, yay!

TTristan788 03-21-2013 04:08 PM

Sorry to hijack this thread but my black QH had some allergies this winter and had some eye drainage. So he has tear stains any suggestions on how to take those out?

gypsygirl 03-21-2013 04:37 PM

i hose gypsys face every day in the summer...does that make me terrible ?

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