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SonnyWimps 10-12-2008 10:28 PM

Trail ride again wheee
Well today we went on a trail ride and it was definately more beautiful than the last time. The trees are different shades of colors and it was soooo peaceful.
I am really loving the trails at the new barn, they are nice and relaxing, but also they are totally fun with steep hills and a roaring creek (which is TOTALLLLLY breathtaking!!!!!!!!)

Well we got one scare today...we were just going up a hill then the one two year old with us started staring into the bushes. We all stopped and we saw a hunter. We told him we would be out of his way in a minute, but asked if he was a bow-man...he answered no and we saw a gun in his hand. Then we asked if he was hunting small game because it wasn't deer or turkey season answer. Then HE asked if Chris (the lady who owned the land) was with us....we said no, for she wasn't. Then one of the girls asked what he was hunting....and no responce. So we left lol....not going to start a debate with an armed man. Then we saw him and someone else in a 4-wheeler driving to a new spot. Poachers perhaps?

Then the funny part: Because of the 4-wheeler, Sonny was getting a tad bit nervous. So because he was acting extremely well before, I hopped off of him and walked him some. Well we had to do down a muddy hill, then turn and go up a muddy hill. Well, Sonny decided to be a smart *** and pushed me right into ankle deep (even deeper than that really) shoe got stuck in the mud. Then to make matters worse, he stepped ON my shoe so I had to pull it out of the mud, and wear it back to the barn.

But we had a wonderful time and we even sang horrible opera through the whole trail lol. I got three videos and below are the links. We had such a great time!!!!! I LOVE trail riding!!

YouTube - Trail Ride Video 4
YouTube - Trail Ride Video 5
YouTube - Trail Ride Video 6


travlingypsy 10-13-2008 01:34 AM

We also have hunters that go on the property. But it is deer season in WA... its actually scary cause what if a hunter shoots your horse.
To bad about your shoe, that woud suck to walk all the way home.

Pinto Pony 10-13-2008 05:16 AM

Thats creepy about the hunters/poaches. Did you get their licence plate and maybe inform the police that they where on your friends land?

I bet the scenery is getting better and better at the moment with the leaves changing. I love Autumn!

SonnyWimps 10-13-2008 08:07 AM

well we told the lady who owns the land...and we didn't see a vehicle....just a guy walking, then two guys in a 4-wheeler
It was quiet creepy actually

Pinto Pony 10-13-2008 08:23 AM

Oh oops, i thought 4 wheeler read 4WD, :oops:

Anyway, maybe you guys scared them off if they are doing something illegal, now that they have seen people around...

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