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Ruby Tuesday 10-13-2008 02:20 AM

Ethanol in our gas!!!
OK, I do not want to start a heated debate here. I would just like to post this for informational resaons, and you may make your own judgements....

More and more everyday there is ethanol being introduced into the gasoline we purchase. E-10 (10% ethanol usable by ANY car) E-85, and more. In most cases now, you can't even purchase regular non ethanolated fuel any more.

Why is this bad?? Ethanol is a "clean" "renewable" energy, and it "lessens our need on forign oil"...... :evil:or so they tell us!

A friend of mine, also on another forum, posted this.....
Ethenol is a farse at best. I've done the math on all my cars and my father in law's cars. He drive from Appleton to Green Bay every day and I use to. Using the E10 (not E85,) crap we get at least a 12% drop in Fuel economy. So in reality it takes MORE pure gas to go fewer miles. The ONLY people Ethenol is helping is the farmers and the people producing it.

Such a scam it should be outlawed.

If you replace 10% of the gas with Ethenol and you reduce your MPG by more than 10% you in reality are using MORE pure gas per mile.

I consistantly got ~28mpg pure gas 93 Octane vs ~25mpg on E10 92 octane driving about 120 miles a week over 2 or so months. This is mostly hwy driving, probably about 80% hwy, 20% city.

10 gallon tank (easy math.)
9 gas, 1 ethenol at 25 mpg means I got 225 miles on pure gas per tank.
10 gas, 0 ethenol at 28 mpg means I got 280 miles on pure gas per tank.

To go 280 miles on E10 you have to put in 11.2 gallons of E10 (280 miles / 25mpg = 11.2 gallons)

Only 90% of that 11.2 gallons is pure gas, 11.2/.90 = 10.08 Gallons of Pure gas to go 280 miles on E10!

That's .08 gallons of pure gas more to go the same distance.

Therefore, your actually burning MORE pure gas to go the same distance with E10 because of the negitive effects of the ethenol.

Ethenol is actually HURTING our dependence on oil, not helping it.
.....<cut/paste>....... Corey M, from WiParty

This is just a little rant that I wanted to bring to light of you all.

In MY OWN observations, I have observed the same poor milage, but I have also noted the following,

If you have a carburated engine, the carburator is not calibrated for ethanol. I never thought of this when I purchased a brand new lawnmower. I put E-10 in my new mower. It performed moderate at best, far less than I had expected - it ran semi rough, and definatly lacked power. I noticed the same in the powerboat and the outboard on the sailboat - lack of power, stammering..... Since then I have found a gas station that still sells pure gas. Now I run pure gas in everything, boat, mowers, ect. Now my mower runs phenominal - plenty of power, runs right. Same goes for all of the boats too.

SOOOO, if ethanol increases our dependancy on forign oil, AND provides a lack of performance, why do we have it?

I encourage you to look closely at the gas you purchase in the future, with those thoughts in mind.

OK, I'm done. I'll get off the soap box now....:oops:

claireauriga 10-13-2008 07:42 AM

Something like this might have been best in the debate forum, as that's where potentially heated discussions should probably go ^^

Buuuuut my mum's new little diesel car is averaging about 60 mpg UK, which is about 49 mpg US ...

25 mpg US = 30 mpg UK. That's crazy, even for a petrol car D:

(Also: you have a sum that says 11.2/0.90, which is actually 12.44. I believe your friend meant * 0.90 :) And if I want to be reeeeaaaally picky, and I'm not saying this as a criticism, just indulging my scientific curiosity, ethenol is a totally different compound ^^)

I'm gonna refer to petrol in my calculations, because I'm pretty sure ethanol blends are used with petrol, not diesel.

E10 (0.9 petrol 0.1 ethanol), 25 mpg
Petrol (1.0 petrol), 28 mpg

For E10: 25 miles on 0.9 gallons, therefore 27.78 miles on 1.0 gallon.
For petrol: 28 miles on 1.0 gallon.

So E10 in your friend's car is 99.2% as efficient in terms of pure petrol usage as pure petrol. However, your friend's car may not be standard or typical. Many cars, particularly newer ones, are probably better calibrated for an ethanol/petrol mixture and so hopefully get better mileage. Your friend could perhaps reduce the difference and even make ethanol the more effective fuel by changing her car or driving habits. It's true that ethanol blends are often 'underpowered' compared to pure petrol, but ask yourself, do you really need that surge of power? :) More efficient driving is something we can all practice, after all ...

Kentucky 10-13-2008 12:00 PM

I have heard something similar from a gentleman from owned a feed store, He said that we used 25% of our corn and reduced our fuel use by and 10%. or it might have been 50% of our corn. Another gentlemen I know owns a fuel depot, (a place where the gas stations buy their fuel) sais that ethanol takes more fuel to make than it saves.

Dumas'_Grrrl 10-13-2008 12:23 PM

All I know about ethanol is that my cars don't run very well on it, my dad is making GREAT money per bushel on corn and I'm paying too much for corn flakes.... :roll: LOL

RusticWildFire 10-13-2008 12:46 PM


Originally Posted by Kentucky (Post 165977)
Another gentlemen I know owns a fuel depot, (a place where the gas stations buy their fuel) sais that ethanol takes more fuel to make than it saves.

I heard this exact same thing.

DashAwayAll 10-13-2008 01:02 PM

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Yes, I feel sorry for you muggles. How expensive, smelly, and inconvient.

claireauriga 10-13-2008 01:03 PM

They should re-legalise flying carpets, right? I've got a great little round pink rug that'd make a wonderful vehicle for me to get to uni on.

Ruby Tuesday 10-13-2008 09:56 PM

Clair, I intended to use \ in theformula, indicating a division. I think what he was trying to sayt is that contained in the 11.2 gal of E10 there is 10.08 gal of pure non ethanolated petrolium used to make the 11.2 gal of E10.

Lol, higher price on corn flakes! Never thought of elevated food costs..... good point. Hmmm.... I hope the price of beer doesn't go up!

Kentucky 10-13-2008 10:17 PM

Ruby Tuesday, the price of beer has nothing to do with price of corn. Itis made out of other grains. Bourbon and some rut gut from Tennesse are made from corn.

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