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HollyLolly 03-21-2013 04:18 PM

Arabs. Yay or Nay?
A lot of people I speak to seem to think Arabs are crazy.

I'd like to know your opinions on them, as they seem to get a bit of bad press

What do they excel at? How trustworthy are they? And how even/hot tempered are they?

Thank for your input :-)

DancingArabian 03-21-2013 04:31 PM

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I love my Arab.

He excels at things that involve thinking - he LOVES obstacles. I'm currently figuring out how to train him in Working Equitation. He's schooled some in Dresage (we don't show so I can't tell you a level), in jumpers and has a lot of trail miles under his belt. Anything that requires a lot of endurance is also something he excels at. Honestly, he hasn't failed at anything we've tried - he will willingly give anything a go, be just doesn't always click with it.

He's as trustworthy as a horse. He's not going to run into a burning building to help me or anything.

He can be superhot or he can be mellow. We have a great relationship and I can get him to settle down now - though I did have trouble with it for some time. I think once we hammered out a relationship where I made it clear that I was leader and to be listened to, he is leaps and bounds better. He is a happy, eager and curious fella.

It all varies by horse really. I know some true dead head Arabs as well as one a couple who don't understand the meaning of walk. They are smart creatures and need consistency, a firm hand and a fair leader.
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texasgal 03-21-2013 04:45 PM

< -- Charm says, "Yaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy..."

Arabians definitely aren't for everybody. They are smart and sensitive and require and equally smart and sensitive person.

I love mine ..

BlueSpark 03-21-2013 04:56 PM

there are quite a few other good threads about arabs on here. Honestly, If a dead headed qh fits you perfectly, and you love being able to day dream as you mosey along on your push button mount, an arab will likely not be for you.

they are typically sensitive, forward, and question everything you do. you have to ask and sugest, bullying is not an option.

a bad one can be stupid, unbeleivably spooky and unpredictable(beware certain halter bloodlines),
a good one is brave, intelligent, loyal, quick and enduring. Nothing better.

honestly, my mare is my heart horse, and there is no horse I would rather be on in a tricky situation. she is athletic and surefooted, more than once she has seen dangerous obstacles before I have. I can gallop through a trail on her with her being an absolute fire ball, asking for more speed the whole time, then right after I can put a kid on the front of my saddle and she instantly goes into baby sitter mode. she is priceless.

HollyLolly 03-21-2013 05:15 PM

Wow, really interesting comments guys, thank you for the replies, very interesting to hear about both sides of the breed :)

Annanoel 03-21-2013 05:22 PM

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YAY! I couldn't live without my Charlie Boy my heart horse. Seriously though, it was night and day when I bought Walker my QH. Some as others have said can be ruined, or just BAD. You have to find the right one. I love their spunk.

The attitude, the general riding, everything is so much different. Charlie has such a fiery personality, and is definitley the epitome of the Arab. He has that floaty trot, the dishy face, the stature. Just everything that's to love about an arab. I told DH when we finalize everything with the house in the next fear years he shoud be expecting Charlie to have a new arab friend. He hates that fire, but still loves Charlie. I don't blame some for not liking, they're not for everyone. I've had more fun with Charlie than I can even write.

I would hang around some Arabs first and see how they interact, they are a horse obviously but tend to different attitudes about things. Ride some as well, most have a lot of spirit and "fire" but that's what I love. I couldn't give arabs up in my life for anything! I love having my QH Walker, and then my Arab Charlie it's so much different, but I will never not have Arabs.

Can't tell anyone that enough, most say I'm crazy to take on Arabs. They're definitley something to get hooked on and not for the faint of heart. I could write pages here, but it's something you really have to experience yourself. :-P

toto 03-21-2013 05:49 PM

They are the most loyal breed of equine in the world. My good friend had 2-- a mare, and gelding. She liked to switch horses with you, walk off, and yell (his name) for her horse-- he would freak out trying to get back to her. No matter what he was doing, if she yelled, he would come running.. very awesome! I was always impressed by them, and the connection they shared.

We used to put our younger siblings on him, and pony.. he loved kids, and people, but was particular. I seen a girl get on him thawas always bragging about her skills, etc etc.and she couldn't controll him worth a darn!

Where they come from, (middle east) the arabian stallions are kept with the women, and children in their villigas.. that should tell you how gentle they are.

star16 03-21-2013 09:04 PM

Arabs are wonderful. Egyptian arabs tend to be a bit crazier, while Polish arabs are more mild tempered. I've had three horses who were all half arabs. All were/are very intelligent, sensitive horses. Besides being completely gorgeous, they've got a fair amount of talent- my disciple is dressage, which they excelled in.

Overall, I love Arabians. The only problem I've ever really had is when one of them is acting high strung or is being stubborn. Being rather high strung and stubborn myself, it can get ugly, but that's just me.

Just hanging out with an Arabian can actually tell you a lot about him/her. My three were all had very distinct personalities, but were generally very friendly (to the point of nosiness) and loyal.

Hope that helped!

DancingArabian 03-21-2013 10:04 PM

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The horse I was taking about is Egyptian. He's not crazy but certainly does have a zest for life! His "crazy" behavior is him cantering in place really fast. I don't even have to hold him back - he gets so excited he forgets to go forward, LOL!
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dbarabians 03-21-2013 10:07 PM

Arabians are my breed of choice. I tend to like horses with spirit, versatility, and intelligence.
Once you have earned their loyalty an arabians , are loyal and no other breed that I have owned or ridden comes close to the bond you will have with one.
I think Faceman put it best they are like cats. You become their person. Shalom

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