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cebee 03-21-2013 05:15 PM

Something to think about when you buy a new horse...
Maybe everyone else already thinks of this, but I never did.. you should always ask the old owner if they will release the horses vet records to you, so you can access them in the future. In our case, turns out we had the same vet. I learned his original owners name and the vet was able to confirm that yes, they had seen him, but could not release his records to me, or tell me anything about his health history, unless she released the records to me. ( there was one short term owner between his original owner and me, other wise he has spent his entire 13 years with his original owner and me...)
Of course, the vet said he can look at his old records if we needed info, but I would need to remember her name at that point. He suggested (if you use the same vets) to always get the OK to 'sync the records since it would give them access to his total health history. I assume if you use different vets, they could forward the records to the new vet.
So... like I said, new to me, but sounds like a great idea...

Faceman 03-21-2013 06:08 PM

Veterinary confidentiality laws vary from state to state. Here is a link to all of them...

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