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missy06 10-13-2008 10:25 AM

Really Bummed Out
Yesterday was Blaze's scheduled drop off date. I'd been in touch w/his owner all day, and they were planning to load him at 4 and drop him off around 5. I got to the stable at 4:45, put my tack in its new spot, chatted excitedly with some people who board there, and just tapped my foot impatiently.

5:30 rolls around, I call his owner and they haven't even been able to get him loaded yet. They've had him for 4 years and never took him off their property, and I guess he was just really wary of their slant load trailer. :sad: She said they were about to give up, so I just went home.

So now it's Monday and I'm back at work this week in my 9-5 job. My BO is willing to drive her stock trailer out tomorrow night, but what if he won't load in that? Plus, that also means my having to pay to transport him, and I don't know if his owners will be ok with someone else trailering him. Not only that, but his owner e-mailed me this morning asking if I wanted to lease him on their property. It's a nice notion, but a-they live 30+ minutes from me, and the stable I want to board at is less than 15. 30 minutes multiple times a week would be tough, let alone in the winter and in an un-lit arena and b-I'm so looking forward to riding/caring for a horse in a community setting for the first time in years. If she backs out/changes her mind I will be so upset.

I'm just dissapointed. I know sh*t happens and all that, I'm not blaming Blaze for not wanting to load, but it's going to be tougher to make this happen during the week, the BO isn't available this weekend due to barn stuff, and I had just hoped to have my new guy settled last night.

iridehorses 10-13-2008 11:56 AM

Missy, they just may not be experienced enough to get him loaded. A stock trailer is a lot more comfortable for a frightened horse then an enclosed trailer.

It will probably be a little harder to load him since he has been able to successfully avoid loading last night. Let your BO do it and ask the current owners to cover the cost of the transport. If he is your horse then it is none of his old owner's concern how or who transports him.

This past Wednesday I picked up two horses that had not been loaded in 5 years. One went right on the other wouldn't - it wasn't from fear but just being stubborn. It took about 15 min (in pouring rain btw) and a training whip and a butt rope to load him. Then we unloaded him and did it 3 or 4 more times. If you have all the time in the world then you can do it differently but sometimes you need to get it done faster. Let a pro do it.

If you are buying him outright then I would not keep him there. If you are leasing him then I would agree but for a short time and begin working on trailer training immediately.

missy06 10-13-2008 12:14 PM

Yea, the woman owner is really tentative with Blaze, but she had her husband and her horse-savvy daughter there to help load. It didn't sound like he was freaking out, more just going in and backing right out.

I'm not buying him right now, just leasing. I would ideally like to move him to the new facility and work on trailering there, because these people's house really is a jaunt from my house and I won't have anything but a slant trailer to work w/him on there.

I don't know how much of a "pro" my BO is, but she's probably a lot more proficient than Blaze's owner. She brings home horses fairly frequently, I think.

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