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LexiANDCharlie 03-21-2013 09:10 PM

New Barn: Dress Code??
Recently I've been thinking about switching barns and instructors, just because I feel like I'm not progressing as I should be where I'm at. The horses there are older and worn down, and I need kids to ride with who aren't beginners (not to sound full of myself in any way). So I'm switching to a new barn that has a much grander scale for hunter jumpers than the one I'm used to. And they want you to dress nice for lessons. What should I wear? Obviously my tall boots and breeches, but what kind of shirts? any helmet suggestions? (not too expensive, I'm a working teenager paying for my hobby lol) I just need to know what I should look like to give off the right first impression! Thanks (:

Allison Finch 03-21-2013 09:26 PM

I find that a nice polo shirt is always nice. Clean everything, too.

clippityclop 03-21-2013 09:48 PM

Yes, polos are super cute and BREATHE (key word there) LOL! Equine Couture has some super cute stuff!! Check Ebay for some sales. Polos you won't have to tuck in and since they have a square bottom, will still look tidy.

DancingArabian 03-21-2013 09:54 PM

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Polo shirts! They don't have to be a "horse brand" either.
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SMMJessee 03-21-2013 11:12 PM

Do you see a lot of western riders where pools? I find them so cute and comfortable but I ride both styles and I don't want to look stupid haha

SMMJessee 03-21-2013 11:12 PM


GamingGrrl 03-21-2013 11:13 PM

I've never seen a western rider wear a polo, but don't let that stop you :lol: they're comfortable and get the job done, so go for it!
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LexiANDCharlie 03-21-2013 11:54 PM

The biggest problem is, that where I live it is pretty cold right now (30's-40's) and the barn is on top of a mountain :/ So I need something thick enough to keep me warm, but professional enough to meet the barn's standards. Guess I should have mentioned that before :/

~*~anebel~*~ 03-21-2013 11:57 PM

Yes, a tucked in polo and a belt. A turtleneck is also fine in the cold, or a polo with a v-neck over top. Sleeveless is a no-no. And try to keep things tucked in with a belt, or add a vest (are vests "in" anymore??).

Also try to stay with more neutral colors until you know your trainer more. I ride in leopard print gloves and feel pretty badass with my coach because she is quite conservative. But no lime green breeches! And only ever white boots/wraps.

Delfina 03-22-2013 12:19 AM


Originally Posted by ~*~anebel~*~ (Post 1987290)
are vests "in" anymore??

When it's cold out, they are here! A nice vest (not one that looks like it belongs on a ski slope...) and a collared shirt like a long sleeve polo. Kerrits makes a long sleeve shaped, collared sweatshirty thing (it's not casual it's actually pretty sharp looking, an almost shiny material on the outside and sweatshirty on the inside) and it's WARM!

Oh and don't wear a purple shirt and coordinate with a purple saddle pad. :oops: Trainer brought that up like FIFTY times during the lesson.

Stick to "boring" like black, white and navy blue for saddle pads. No bling or prints!!

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