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Kati 03-22-2013 05:50 PM

Our Horses :) [Very photo heavy!]
So I realized I haven't introduced the gang at all! First off, they're not 'my' horses. I had a gelding for a few years, but when it was decided that I was going to Europe, I had to give him up. I am only now looking at buying a new horse of my own now (one that's more suited to my desires. Rowdy was a gift from my grandfather). Essentially, there's an old family friend who loves horses and always raised them with his son (his son now raises horses and team ropes professionally) so he has a hobby farm and I 'work' for him. And by that I mean, I get to play with his horses all I want and show if I desire, I just don't have any control over who gets sold and when :/ Well any way...
We have 6 horses now. Ritz is the lonely boy :)

Our ponies as yearlings. First snow! (They're three now. I don't have any recent pics, but they've really filled out) The were born on our farm. We rescued the mares with no idea they were pregnant. Neither mare ever looked it. You can also see Ritz and Abby over the fence in these pics.

The ponies' moms. We don't own them any more. They're now raising Qtr. Pony foals (Not sure that they're worthy but not my call :( )
^ The mom of the silver pony with her 3rd baby (filly!) at her side.=
^ The mom of the paint filly. I think it's worth mentioning that she is not pregnant in this photo. She's just that easy of a keeper. I want to buy her back, she's a great pony (when she doesn't have a baby). I rode her once, but now she's sitting. Her name is Pippin.
^ Just so you can see the beauty that is Pip from a better angle (well minus her head xD) and of course that adorable baby

Ritz and Chase. Chase is a three year old cutting bred filly (sorrel). Ritz was a freebie a backyard breeder didn't want (bay). I call him a pony right now, because he seems to have stopped gaining height at around 14 hh but he keeps getting wider! It was his first day in the new paddock and he was jumping all the weeds. He's too cool to run through haha

And Steppy, my 16 y/o paint. She's my main riding horse
^ Paint in the background is Rowdy

My only photo of our bay roan Abby (grade quarter horse). She's the only one I don't mess around with too much as she's the riding horse for her owner's wife and his grand kids.

And so that's all of ours now, but this is Rowdy and the grumpy old quarter horse who has taught many a person how to ride (Doc). I'm very proud of Rowdy at this point. When I got him, his entire mane had fallen out because of ticks. Both his shoulder's were bald because of fungal problems. He had a lovely app tail :lol: Missouri was very hard on him. He just wasn't ever adapted right to the climate. Doc is now teaching many little kids how to ride.

SouthernTrails 03-22-2013 11:19 PM


Nice Pics, thanks for sharing


EthanQ 03-22-2013 11:36 PM

Subbing so I remember to come back when my wifi is faster.

cowgirl4753 03-22-2013 11:42 PM

Love Steppy! Very nice solid horse! And everyone else is great too, she just caught my eye! :-)
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Kati 03-23-2013 03:27 PM


Originally Posted by cowgirl4753 (Post 1998481)
Love Steppy! Very nice solid horse! And everyone else is great too, she just caught my eye! :-)
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She's my baby :). We went to a horse auction two years ago with no intention of buying a horse (we like to watch and it's an exercise in picking out the diamonds in the rough) and she was there. We both fell in love and immediately bought her for $700. We spoke to the owner later and found out she sold for $4500 as a 5 y/o who had w/p training (but was too hot for serious showing) and raised one baby. After that she had some dressage and HUS training (more $$) before going on to be a girl's 4H horse for years. She had been sold to them as a good children's horse which she is not. She is fairly high strung and performance bred. She's fun to ride, but she's thrown me once or twice for sure. She could run every 4H pattern blindfolded, neck reins like a dream, moves off the slightest touch of your leg, and when you throw my AP saddle and D-ring snaffle on, she collects like a dream and just seems to float. She's an amazing ride who keeps you on your toes.

My favorite story about her was when a girl who lives near me (thinks she knows everything there is to know about horses), decided that she wanted to test out this 'dream horse'. She and her friend who shows western pleasure wouldn't even get on her. She was crazy and dangerous and wouldn't stop moving. They were sure she was going to kill someone. Next day we were riding together in an arena. It was hilarious watching her 20 year old mare catch whiff of the stud and start get all skittish and nervous. A semi drove by and her mare took off bucking. My 'man-killer' just pricked her ears and watched. I swear she was laughing.

HorseLovinLady 03-23-2013 11:05 PM

They're all beautiful!!

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