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Corey NC 10-14-2008 12:03 PM

Trying to find out my horse's history - help?
Ok, so I am looking for anyone who has information/history or anything related to my horse. Currently she is a 9 yr. old, OTTB, and I am training her as a hunter.

So I'll start from the begginning of what I know of her.

She was foal by the same people who own this place - Ross Haven Farm. I have contacted them and got a responce but didn't return the rest of my emails.

Her regestered name is Knightly Signal, her pedigree: Knightly Signal Horse Pedigree

She raced until she was 5, but I don't know under which owner.

I beleive that after that she went to CANTERUSA rescue as I found this broken link pic that I am 99% positive is her - knightly signal - Dogpile Images Search

I don't know who bought her from canter but the owner before me bought her from a polo center, I don't know the name but I am going to give her previous owner a call and find out.

Her previous owner bought her thinking she was an angel because she ended up being drugged when she tried her. She was too much for her so she sold her to me.

Now I own her and I am retraining her, her name is Lady.

Here she is now:

So does anyone recognise her or can fill in the gaps between the age of 5 and 8?

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