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barrelbeginner 03-23-2013 01:16 PM

Sunny's Thread
Gee, I can never seem to keep up with my journals that I start! haha:) I will really try to keep up with this one..

So, hopefully my dad is going to let me go to an arena in May, which is 2 months away. So until then I really want to work on Sunny getting collected and calm. Im going going to run barrels when I go. Its going to be more or less a time to go and get him used to all the noises and all the horses. He was a little wierd when my friends phone went off.. which was soo not Sunny But I want to get him used to it. And So I Think what we will start off with is finding a schedule So that I can get more rides on him and what not. I want to start riding him on the side of the road( so he gets used to all the scary things that blow and get stuck in the fences and all the unusual sites! and In the arena maybe I will set up a scary obstacle course!

I want to get him over his fear of.. Things that pop up infront of him.. like a ways away not right there. LIKE BUNNIES! and BIRDS and plasic bags.. He is spooking some days and not the next. I am going to lay out a tarp and work on him with that and what not. So i dont really have anything to add right now about how its going. I would go work him right now but its cold/snowy/windy..... But this is what he can do now
-back up with leg
-neck reins

So I guess really what I want is for him just to get more calm.. yeah.. lol.. I guess if people read this its cool. But its more or less so I can come back and read it. and realize how far Sunny has came and realize how much a babble:) haha
have a good day!!

barrelbeginner 03-30-2013 11:01 AM

I rode Sunny up and down the rode yesterday just a short ride. and it was like I was riding a totally different horse. He was calm. and sometimes I had to kiss to get him to walk faster! WOW.. thats totally not like sunny.. but its great that he is calming down a bit. he is also keeping his head lowered. instead of raising his head allllll the time. I feel like he kind of just has a high head set. because idk.. I just do. but we are still working on it. I remember I WAS... going to put a tiedown on him. But I feel like that would be covering something up and I am just going to work with him and fix it:P Well.. I am going to go ride a bit today. sooo I will update this with pictures and stuff when I get back in!!

barrelbeginner 04-06-2013 02:22 PM

Making Some progress!:)
I rode sunny for a bit yesterday and the day before. And We are making progress. We are now loping in between the barrels and trotting around them:). He is starting to slow down once we get to the barrels by himself without me having to slow him down with the reins:). Makes me happy haha.

Im also working on his sidepassing and stuff and that is also getting better. He is loping circles mostly on a loose rein.. and as far as I can tell he is switching leads:/ Im a little confused on the lead changing part
There is a show a week from now. on the 13th and Im going to see if my dad will let me take him there. Just so that he can see everything and get used to all the commotion.

barrelbeginner 04-16-2013 12:43 PM

So i didnt get to take Sun to the show but maybe in a couple weeks. I can. I finally got him stoppping:)! like whoah.. BAM stopped:) which is good. there is soo much snow on the ground I havent been able to do much work but the rides are getting more fun because I dont have to spend the whole time correcting him:)

Tobysthebesthorseever 04-24-2013 08:32 AM

I want to try barrels.....but I'm too scared...

barrelbeginner 09-14-2013 01:22 PM

Wow, i wasn't joking when I said I was bad at keeping up with the posting part 0.0

Anyways.. Its. well obviously, been a while.. Sunny is doing really well. He has gained most of his weight back and is a cutie;) nothing new of course..

He has got his sidepassing down:). YAY.. but I guess.. well.. not completely because he kinda curves his body while doing it.. but its good enough for me:). He stops.. and backs up. We .. have NOT been doing barrels.. Running them. I haven't been able to take him anywhere.. :(... sad day right.. Well Im hoping.. and I know I say that alot. but I am hoping that maybe next month I can take him to Spicers( indoor arena) just to let him sit that and watch everything..

Anyways I rode him today and he did good. I just walked the pattern.. and then stopped riding.. because we got the equivilent to 120" of snow.. in rain.. sooo ALOT of mud.. but I wanted to take advantage of being able to ride lol;)

barrelbeginner 09-14-2013 03:25 PM

Well, I just bought Sunny a new bit

and also bought him some Joint suppliments( to reduce and maintain healthy joints)..

Now I am excited for it to get here, so that I can try it:)!!! AHH.. time takes forever lol.. 7-10 business days.. seems like forever..;):lol:

barrelbeginner 09-19-2013 11:01 PM

Well, Rode Sunny today:) he did AMAZING:) It was just a short ride, But I figured to warm him up we would move a couple cows( we just brought home our 'herd' 19 cows and calves.. and one bull). He did alright.. LOL.. considering he ISN'T cowy at all.. not one bit. they all kinda spilt up.. but a cow/calf pair and another baby. so I had him walk them up front. and he caught on..( so did i ;).. and I figured that could be our "warm up".

Then we went to the arena and did some barrel work. It's still muddy, BUT less muddy, so We trotted the barrels.. We did good:)

I feel like he isn't pay much attention.. but then again.. he was listening. so maybe just bored since we have been at the walk/trot again for a while now:) hope it dries up soon so we can add some speed. that would be nice:)

He is getting some more muscle which is good as well:)

okay ! All for now..

if anyones even reading lol:)

barrelbeginner 09-21-2013 12:41 PM

9/21/13 Ride:)
Well, I rode today:). This morning Just for a little bit. I also, rode in my new bit:) because it arrived in the mail yesterday. He did really well in it. I thin the copper rings help him. He was relaxed at the trot.. which was weird. 0.0 especially for Sunny. LOL:)He was a little stiff. So we worked on softening up for a little.. He did have some trouble.. was being a brat at first..

Then we worked on the barrel pattern. He has in DOWN at a trot. But then a lope he totally goes loco and wants to run through my cues.. so I went to the pasture and loped in circles both ways until he was RELAXED at the lope.. then went and did the patter ONCE at a lope..:), then back down to a trot a couple times.. fixing some stuff.. like DIVING.. drives me crazy... Then I cooled him off..

Was happy with the ride today:)

barrelbeginner 09-21-2013 04:41 PM

Alright. I guess this thread can also say what what I did:).. LOL

So I went to the gymkhana this morning. Without Sunny though. Sadly, I wish I brought him, as it is the LAST one they are having.. ever.:( The owner of the property was put in a nursing home and now his two sons are selling the property:/. Sad day.

The three years I've lived here and I NEVER once got to take Sunny. It was a big bummer. My friend's mom said that she would trailer me next year to the Greeley club though. which my dad wont allow but will see since it's a whole year away.. Since the season is pretty much over:/ before it even started.. for this girl anyways:-( maybe I can convince my dad to take me to Spicers a couple times. It's Tuesday nights though, so school NIGHT.. which probably means no. BUT will SEE!!:)

I had fun this morning though. My friend was there with a horse she trained. From the start. HOLY CRAP her horse makes me look like a noob. She was amazing.. and I had no idea how to make her to what I asked because she is SOOOOOO broke.. I felt stupid.. lol..

She said that she would come help me a bit with Sunny though.. Which might be a bit embarrassing considering .. Her horse is like.. :shock::shock::shock: and my horse is like...:oops::oops::oops:

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