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MillieSantana 03-23-2013 10:44 PM

Red Creek RPG
Red Creek Ranch
  • Full and pasture board
  • Indoor and outdoor arenas, along with roundpens.
  • Hundreds of trails
  • Bathing racks
  • Large tackroom
  • Keep it lower scale PG-13
  • No more than 3 characters, and two animals per character.
  • We start when everyone is ready, but people can still sign up afterwards.

MillieSantana 03-23-2013 10:53 PM

Name- Samuel
Age- 34
Gender- Male
Disipline- Western(roping and cutting)
Position- BO
Personality/Description- Is very laid back, and easy-going, but firm. Kinda tall, with light brown, graying hair and amber eyes.

Name- Tank
Age- 12
Gender- Gelding
Personality/Description- Is a bay paint with black mane/tail. Very sweet and calm, bombproof. also has a bobbed tail.

Name- Alex
Gender- Female
Disipline- Vaulting/Jumping, but trains/schools in most others
Personality/description- Is very mood swingish-ish, and is sometimes moody and stubborn, but overall a very happy person. has bright , fire-engine-red hair with green eyes. Is tall and lanky, with wide shoulders, and is a tomboy.

Name- Stormy
Personality/description- Is very wild, and can only be completley controlled by Alex, and only trusts the people Alex trusts. Is very sweet and willing for Alex. She's a blue roan with black and gray dapples, with a long mane and tail.

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