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wildspirit 10-16-2008 12:44 PM

Can you truly tame a wild mustang?
So I searched out a forum that could hopefully answer some questions for me...
Does anyone have any experience with taming a wild mustang? My husband and I bought a 5 acre parcel in Colorado for an investment. We kind of half laughed as we bought sight unseen this 5 acre lot for $5,900.00. How could you go wrong? Anyway, when we got out there to our property we noticed several wild mustang grazing in the area. We had some apples because we took a picnic lunch. My husband camera in hand dared me to walk up to them and feed them the apples. They seemed ok but I dropped the apples in front of them because I was just a little scared. We saw different ones grazing each day. Is it against the law to catch one and are they really able to be tamed??

horsey*kisses 10-16-2008 12:52 PM

mmm im not so sure about tamed but they are able to be caught and trained to ride if thats what you mean, im looking into adopting one this spring,
im pretty sure its illegal to catch one like they are at your house but then again every state is different so i would call your BLM office and ask about it

Solon 10-16-2008 12:58 PM

Yes, it's against the law.

In the right hands, an experienced person, they can be wonderful horses.

wildspirit 10-16-2008 01:00 PM

Oh that is a great idea! I know there is BLM Land on the other side of the river so they would probably have a local office or is it a state office?

Solon 10-16-2008 01:05 PM

horsewithnoname 10-16-2008 02:57 PM

can you truly tame a wild mustang
I had a friend do it once when I was a kid but it was mean and he eventually let it go!

Curious about the land you bought. Do you know if there is anymore out there for that price and who to contact.

sandy2u1 10-16-2008 03:44 PM

i have a friend that go one of those wild mustangs from nevada. my friend go her to the point where she is very gentle...she loves to be rubbed and petted, but she has never been saddled. they have a show on rfdtv where they have a competition where horse trainers take the wild mustangs and train them for a certain period of time. then they compete and the horses are auctioned off at the end. its amazing what those trainers can get those horses to do.

wildspirit 10-16-2008 04:05 PM

Thank you guys for your information. I did call the BLM in Colorado and they do adopt them back to the public. We may try that once we get our cabin built and settled.

To "horsewithnoname": they have a website Colorado Land Sale, Colorado Properties, Colorado Lots I do not see any more on there for $5,900.00 but there is one on there for $6,500.00. Who knows we could end up neighbors!

Thanks Ya'll!

Tazmanian Devil 10-16-2008 06:42 PM

Yes, you can definitely "tame" a wild mustang.

The ones you see wandering around almost certainly belong to the BLM (Bureau of Land Management). You could get into a lot of trouble for "taking" them. At the same time, it is very easy to adopt one through the BLM. They have regular auctions.

If you are not up to the task of training one yourself, a good idea is to go to a "Mustang Challenge" or "Mustang Makeover." Both are run by the Mustang Heritage Foundation, in association with the BLM.

The challenge basically takes 50-100 trainers, and gives them each a Mustang. They have 100 days to train the horse. After that, they come to a central location and compete to see who did the best. At the end, all horses in the competition are auctioned. Some of the trainers do bid on their own horses, but many do not.

A trainer I work with participated in mustang challenge this year. Not only did he get his horse at auction, but I and another friend each bid on and adopted mustangs from the challenge. They are basically green broke 3 year olds, but that "green broke" training makes all the difference in the world if you are not a professional trainer.

All the mustangs I have seen (from that competition) are VERY calm, level headed, laid back horses. They are not "wild" or crazy. They are very smart and quick to learn. Most seemed to bond very well with people..

For what these horse were doing in the competition, the price is amazingly low. This is the best value in the horse world - as long as you understand you are dealing with a young, green broke horse. These are not 12 year old, been there done that, bombproof horses. The advantage of that is you have a solid foundation and can train them the way you want from there.


my2geldings 10-16-2008 10:54 PM

No idea what the law is regarding taking one and adopting tem(tho I doubt it's legal) and yes you can tame a horse into riding. The fact it's a mustang has nothing to do with how tamed a horse can become but having said that, if feeding an apple to the horse scared you, I wouldn't suggest you taking a wild horse in:D

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