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appylover31803 10-16-2008 02:21 PM

I've been thinking about looking into supplements for all my guys.
I'll go horse by horse as they all have different needs.

Vega- 5 year old app mare. HyPP N/H. She gets a pelleted feed, unsure on the brand, I want to say either a Legends pelleted food or Purina Hills pelleted. I will find out which one it is today. I believe she gets 2 quarts 2x a day. She has access to grass and right now gets hay 2x a day. In a few weeks, my BO is putting a round bale back out there and she'll have free access to the round bale (and therefore not getting hay at her meals)
She has great feet, and a nice shiny, healthy coat. Would she need a supplement? If so, which one would you suggest?

Gem- 9 year old app gelding. He has gained about 50-75 pounds since we moved him (he was slightly underweight). I would still like to see more fat on him, but i like my horses on the chunky side. He gets 2 quarts of 10% sweet feed 2x a day. He is also out on grass pasture and gets hay 2x a day, and will be getting a round bale soon. His hair is coarser feeling than Vega's, but it's still shiny. Since it's coarse, does it mean it's not healthy? He does get a join supplement because he does have arthritis. He gets that once a day. He has front shoes and bare in the back. I would like to get him on a supplement, but I dont know what kind. Any suggestions?

Montana- 15 year old qh gelding. He was fat when I got him and has lost some weight. He is also on 2 quarts of 10% sweet feed, and gets the same amount of hay as Gem and Vega. He came to me getting 2 quarts of 10% sweet feed and 2 quarts of senior feed 2x a day. My BO and I talked it over and decided to nix the senior feed since he was going to be getting roughage. I am waiting for my farrier to call to set up an appointment, so I cannot say how good his feet are, but he is currently barefoot. I would really like to get him on a supplement because a. he's older and b. I feel he could benefit from it. Any ideas?

Thanks so much!

Painted Ride 10-16-2008 02:39 PM

appylover have you tried the smartpack? it is fairly new but i have heard wonderful things about it. my 2 1/5 yearold rescue paint is on "vita plus" Vita Plus® 28-56 Day Supply
Supplement meets the demands of today’s equine athletes, show horses, breeding stock, and young, growing horses. Contains virtually every beneficial nutritional ingredient. Contains polyunsaturates for skin and hair condition, plus a healthy balance of vitamins and minerals. Feed Foals 1 oz., Adults 2 oz., Broodmares 4 oz. daily.

this is what works for my can go to Horse Supplies & Horse Tack -

appylover31803 10-16-2008 02:48 PM

I have, and I would use them, unless I can find the supplement for less.

I'm concerned with Vega because she is hypp positive.

Painted Ride 10-16-2008 02:53 PM

i was never tought what hypp was can you educate me on that. i can ask my vet what they say? how does that sound? my vet knows my horses like the back of his hand.

appylover31803 10-16-2008 02:59 PM

This website does a better job at explaining it than I can Index

If you don't mind asking your vet.... when i get the vet out for a check up, i'll ask him too

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