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Angel_Leaguer 10-17-2008 10:26 AM

Laser Vision Correction
Has anybody ever had the Laser Vision Correction done? I have been wearing glasses/contacts for years and I hate it... if I dont have anything on im pretty much next to blind, if it isnt atleast a foot in front of me I cant see anything other then shadows.

Im just wondering how much the operation helped out and if it enabled you to avoid glasses totally (other then maybe reading). im thinking about maybe doing it in the future. how much do they typically cost?


Mike_Admin 10-17-2008 10:33 AM

I had it done. I used to not be able to see anything without my glasses or contacts. I hated the way I looked in glasses, though, and contacts burned my eyes after just a few hours. I took the plunge and had 20/15 (better than 20/20) vision afterward. I think all of my computer use has caused it to erode just a bit, but I still see as good as or better than my friends who don't wear glasses. I paid way too much for mine because I wanted the entire thing done via laser as opposed to a human doctor making the first slice before the laser did the correcting. I've heard results are often just as good without paying extra to have a computer/laser do the first part, though.

I don't know if it made fiscal sense because I'd of had to go through many more pairs of glasses than I ever would have to reach the cost of the surgery, but I prefer life without glasses. I'm not helpless when a screw falls out now, I feel better about the way I look, etc.

Angel_Leaguer 10-17-2008 11:44 AM

Thanks for the input...

I hate glasses and i can never keep them straight (horse bumps ya in the face etc...)

I dont have much problems with contacts...just a pain if one falls out on me when i dont have spares and if a little dirt gets in my eye it is very annoying.

DashAwayAll 10-17-2008 11:57 AM

I had LasixPlus done about seven years ago and I LOVE it. i was very near sighted ( couldn't see further away) and I had glasses thick enough to survive a nueclar blast. Astigmatism in both eyes. Now I am 20/15 in one and 20/20 in the other!!!! I was driving down the interstate seeing without glasses the next day. I could move my alarm clock across the room.:D:shock:

I was told that my close up vision might suffer some, but I had needed reading specs since my arms got too short in my forties, so who cared?? I don't think there was a difference afterward.... if there was it was too minor for me to notice.

No more buying glasses! Wooo hooo! Just tacky sunglasses.:D

Now, are you nearsighted or far sighted? If you need both - hold on. The procedure for that isn't up and running yet ( I think.)

Mike_Admin 10-17-2008 12:03 PM

I forgot to mention that I also had an Astigmatism in both eyes. I also couldn't see far away or close up, yet it worked a charm!

Johnswife 10-17-2008 12:43 PM

I had it done in 2001. My vision was then and still is perfect. Not having to deal with the pain of contacts (I always had problems with mine) or bothersome glasses is wonderful!

However, I had complications. My face is the one place no one can touch (with the exception of my husband) without me freaking out. I do not like anyone near my face, ever. My uncle was my optometrist when I was little and he taught me to do a lot of my annual testing myself because I flipped out so badly.

Anyway, he passed away when I was in my early teens and I had a heck of a time finding another opt that would let me do the testing with them watching. I finally just gave up and wore my glasses all the time even though I really hated them.

When I was working at the sheriff's office they had an insurance program that would pay 100% of the cost if you paid up front. They're reimburse you fully. Couldn't pass that up. So I made my appointment and went in. The opt there let me do as much testing as I could on my own, but there were some that they had to do. I managed to get through it though.

They assured me that they'd give me enough Valium to take down a horse on the day of the procedure. They told me to take a pill on the way in and another when I got to the office.

Now, I don't even take Tylenol unless I'm on my death bed. I hate any medication, so when I do take something it hits me hard. That morning as instructed, after working all night and being so tired I could barely move, I took a pill. My SO at the time drove me in. I got panicky half way there as I didn't feel it working. Got to the office, took the other and half an hour later, still nothing. They took me in the back and I was flipping out big time. They had me take another and wait an hour; still nothing. They gave me another and waited another hour and still nothing. I had the option of just not going through with it, but because of the program since I had already paid I wouldn't be refunded. $3000 down the drain.

I couldn't waste that kind of money. They assured me that they put drops in your eyes that completely numb them so I wouldn't feel any pain. Since I'd worked all night and been up all day - it was early afternoon this time and I'd been awake 24 hours already - that I'd go home and fall asleep and sleep right through the worst of it.

So, I did go through with it and it was hard!!!! Half way through I could smell my eye burning from the laser and started to gag. They kept telling me to breath through my mouth so I wouldn't smell it. I did manage to get through and go home. I zonked out when I got there but woke up in agony half an hour later. I took pain meds and a glass of wine. No relief. I took some Nyquil, still no relief, no sleep. I was begging my SO by this time to call in sick and take me to the ER. He said he couldn't and I'd be fine. Nice guy, eh?

So off he goes to work leaving me in agony I've never felt before and sobbing hysterically. I called my mom and she sent my sister to get me. I wound up taking a total of 5 Extra Strength Tylenol, 3 glasses of wine (I also don't ever drink and a quarter of a wine cooler leaves me blitzed for the night), and 3 doses of Nyquil before I had enough in me to put me to sleep. But when I finally went out, I went out.

My mom said my father spent the night at my bedside checking me constantly to make sure I was breathing. I was out for 16 hours. When I woke up it felt like I had sand in my eyes. Annoying, but not painful. Within a couple days that was gone though. Even though the pain was crazy excrutiating, I did have perfect sight as soon as the procedure was done. What a time to learn your body has no effect at all to Valium, eh??

DashAwayAll 10-17-2008 08:59 PM

Holy ****, JW!

The smell didn't bother me. It was similar to the smell when we burn off calf horn buds. And then my ride was late, so the pill they gave me wore off part way home. My eyes watered and hurt, but it was like a medium contact burn, or heavy pool-eyes. If I kept my eyes closed they were ok. We Got home, I went to sleep, woke up a couple hpurs later fine as could be. I felt freaky because of the shields you have to tape of your eyes. Felt like I was wearing a "double package" jock strap on my face.:D

Angel_Leaguer 10-20-2008 12:58 PM

Thanks everyone... Im nearsided with stigmatisms (spell???) in both eyes. I had my eyes checked on Friday and I they gave me a new brand of contacts and I HATE THEM... The doc thought that it would let my eyes breath better since I leave my contacts in for about 15 hours at a time (never had a problem with my old brand)... I put them in at the office and told them that I didnt like the feel but "it is a different type... you will get used to them"... im throwing the bs flag on that one. I wore them all day sat and sun and now im back to my old pair. I see worse with them and they feel like they are going to fall out.

Im going back on Wed. to have them "evaluated". I dont know why I just cant have my old brand back, im guessing they make more money on these since they are more expensive (but better, lol)...grrrr....

I cant quite afford the laser surgery but im going to start saving up for it, im just sick of contacts and glasses. Thanks again

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