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Iseul 03-24-2013 08:11 PM

TB in a QH World!
Soo..Alahna and I went team penning saturday.(:
I can't complain not one bit about her, at all. Hopped off the trailer, stood at my tailgate while I tacked her up, wasn't worried by the buzzer/other horses/cattle/birds/etc, and was AMAZING for it being her first time, along with the fact that she's an OTTB.

She was a little hesitant to go straight into the herd our first two/three runs, but after that she was trying to bite them and going right in, and made decent/tight turns on her own! I showed her which cow I wanted and she stayed with it without me having to really direct her too much. She just wasn't quite fast enough a few times, but we got our three within the time limit 6/8 runs, so I'm happy enough. Everyone was nice again and I'm definitely going back every year for practices.

I did find that I will NEVER ask to haul again though..Ill head out 8 in the morning and RIDE the 8miles as opposed to paying $57 to trailer. I was quoted $30-35..not if I split trailer fee, I was just told it would be about $30-35 total. I just can't understand paying for two trips up and back. Shoot, leave the trailer/truck there and take my truck back 10 minutes to the barn, goodness.

She did spook once..but I can't complain, aside from thinking she'd be fine clipped to my poor truck cover hook xD A horse two trailers over had a meltdown and she jumped into my truck and then flung her back end around snorting, haha.

I really wish I would've gotten pictures, but didn't have anyone that knew how to use a camera..nor did I remember to ask him xD

But, we'll definitely be going the team penning/sorting route with her as a focus..Along with barrels and low level jumping, lol.
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