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Bambaura 03-24-2013 08:19 PM

Should I get a second opinion....
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So two weeks ago I returned from a week long holiday to find my horse's face swollen. It was really swollen between his eyes and down the left side of his face. No marks of being hit. His nose was runny on the left side, it was kind of a brownish colour, no trouble breathing. His left eye was a little runny too. I board him and he was checked while I was away.
I had a vet out two days later, who said he may have an infection under the skin, was given some antibiotics and bute.
A week later I called and spoke to the vet because his face was still really swollen. The swelling was a bit better and his nose was a little runny and his eye was cleared right up. The vet said to give him another week.
I waited 5 days and asked to have the vet recheck. No more runny nose, but face wasn't improving. The vet's diagnosis was my horse was probably kicked or hit his head really hard and the bone is damaged. The bump on his nose wont get better, but the swelling under his eye is fluid and will go away.
So I went to the barn today (two days later) and the bump on his nose is more of a lump and the hair has moved so you can really see the skin more........ it looks more like an abscess. I tried to post a pic, but it didn't work.
Should I be seeking a second opinion?

Muppetgirl 03-24-2013 08:23 PM

Yes I think you should.

JustImagine 03-24-2013 08:26 PM

I would definitely get a second opinion if I were you. Not saying you have a bad vet, but it's always nice to have a different set of eyes and mind look at your horse.
My previous vet x-rayed my Arab's RH looking for an abscess (he was slightly off on it) and called me saying he had a funny looking coffin bone from an old injury, that he wanted to do a nerve block and put special shoes on him (my Arab has been barefoot his whole life and still is). He wouldn't let my farrier see the x-rays, so I got a 2nd opinion from my current vet, who looked at the x-rays and said he just had a slightly odd shaped coffin bone that he was born with (he's 13) and there was a pocket of abscess. Abscess popped, horse was sound again.
If you ever have your doubts, always go with a 2nd opinion.

Northernstar 03-24-2013 08:27 PM

Ohh, your poor guy! I would definately call another vet and get a second opinion - it appears this condition has gone on way too long with the other vet's treatment. (Have you any idea what may have happened while you were gone?) Good luck, and keep us posted- hope he gets better soon! :)

Bambaura 03-28-2013 04:50 PM

Thanks for the help!! After a few days and phone calls back and forth with two vets I finally had someone come out today. There is an abscess, so the vet tried to drain it, noting came out. However he does feel there is a fracture too. So it is a waiting game to see how everything will heal.
Unfortunately I have no idea what happened while I was away, or when he was injured :(

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