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travlingypsy 10-17-2008 04:45 PM

Well I 100% BLEW UP at the barn today!
Usually I can keep my cool about anything and just let things go but this time! I blew up....

We were late to feed the horses so I was stressed about that. We have this new worker, hes like half a farm boy. He repairs tractors, so hes there to clean stalls when me and my mom isnt working. Hes a real "know it all" and is constantly talking. (gets on your nerves!) but in general hes a nice guy.

So he set the tarps a sertain way so they "wouldnt blow off in a storm" he nailed them to the sides of the walls they are like 4 feet high. So you cant pull the tarp all the way back to get the sawdust. And the dump truck cant dump the sawdust all the way back like he needs because of the tarp. I got really POD threw the shovel five feet on the sawdust stormed into the barn kicked my hay bins across the aisle so they slid into all the other bins. Grabbed the hammer and took out all the nails out!

Im glad it was just me and my mom. lol... see all that anger has been building up. Usually I dont get mad like that and NEVER in public. But here is why I had all that build up.

1) We have been working at the barn for 3 years now. My mom did get promoted to "Barn Manager" its just a title she didnt do get to do any thing els but feed,T/O, B/I and clean stalls. Shes not BM anymore.

2) The barn charges 3.00 to get the stalls clean. We use to get paid 2.50 for each stall, we got a .25 promotion.

3) My mom has a CLD license thats a combination B she use to drive school bus, and she can drive any other big rig. In january shes going to get her A licnence so she can drive the 18 wheelers. She's not allowed to touch the tractor. But this new guy who dosent know how to drive them only repairs them can drive the tractor.

4) I have been asking for a lesson for months now. And each time one gets schedualed something comes up where she cant teach it. And it never gets reschedualed! And when I was taking lessons in a group with two other girls it was always about them. "Good job Tacey!" Or "Correct that Kate!" And I was just there runing the course. Very little did she comment on me and gypsy.

5) I had a good long talk before saying how I wanted to be a trainer. She gave me the short and ugly version. "You cant make it with out extra income." But yet they are preping this 11 year old (Tacey) to be a trainer and already got her first project horse to fix and have as a kids horse.

6) I always here about how other kids talent. "oh Jaden is great with horses he could be a trainer." "This girl is great she could be a really great jumper"...ect. Ive never heard anything like that about me. But yet I turned my horses additute 360% shes no longer the "B***h of the barn"
She actually trust and is becoming really sweet and loving. Not to mention how smart she is and where I could take her.

7) The full care boarders are paying over $400 each month and for what.
Crapy runs, crapy padocks/turnout areas which they hardly get turned out because the "training horses are in". They do get good feed and a high quality grain. An indoor arena that sucks and the footing is just dirt with a few bark chips in that the horses trip over. A VERY dirty barn that has so much cob webs covered with dirt. Kid toys and garbadge EVERYWHERE. I mean its trashy. If your paying that much for boared then you should get a good barn. The barns in seattle (2hrs from us) that are the same price are NICE.

8 )Im tired of the BO b*****g about how shes not making enough money to live. She has a 16 stall barn. 1st stall is the feed room that just has hay and self care boarders grain. 2nd is the dog room, she cant bring her dogs to her grandparents house so they live there now. And there are two other open stalls. For every open stall thats money waisted.
How about how shes living with her Grandparents. The barn property has this old 3bdr farm house which an old guy lives in and dosent pay rent. Their trying to kick him out but havent givin him a written notice only verbal. So hes not leaving.
Not to mention the barn is on 600+ acres. Build a smaller barn rent it out. Have trail compatitions (only had one). Raise beef like they use to. She did have this idea about putting small cabins up by the old cow barn. So people could rent those out plus a stall in the barn and have guided trail rides/camping. Awsome idea! But its not going to happen.

9) Ive noticed that the boy workers have more "room to work" and do stuff like take her truck to get hay, drive the tractor, ect. But yet us girls can hardly have any thing to do. She once said that the boy workers are faster then the girls. Um Im sorry im the fastest stall cleaner here and im not just blowing smoke up my... But i get done before EVERYONE and I do a hella good job. See its because were girls we are second class. Learnng about her father issues has cleared those clouds.

So, that is why I blew up and threw a fit, yelled, swore, cute my finger, and scared the dog/horses.

OH AND THEN! I broke the manure fork, she said that if we brake one we have to buy a new one. Well she broke one weeks ago and ummm I dont see a new one. None are getting replaced, yet I know im going to have to buy a new head. How much can those things cost? We are only dont to one good one now.

Sorry for the rant but had to get it off my chest or I could blow up again amd probably get fired. :roll:

Painted Ride 10-17-2008 05:07 PM

well then..........first you have every right to b p.o.ed! wow 3 years huh and nothing? well i would have to have a serious chat with the BO and find out where i would stand there. ask y do you keep pushing me off. do not keep doing the xtra work if shes not holding up her end of the bargin. hope it gets better. be strong and hang in there. good job with your b***h mare to not b so b*****!!!!

travlingypsy 10-17-2008 05:22 PM

oooooooh thanks just to hear that someone understands and im not just crazy makes all the difference. Im afraid to confront her I really am. I dont know what would happen. Shes a good trainer and would be awsome to apprentice under her or something but its just like she dosent want to teach me. And she will use the excuse of not having time for a lesson but shes giving other people lessons!

Painted Ride 10-17-2008 05:50 PM

girl you need to ask her just that... do not be scared or intimidated. you think she was born an awsome trainer??? no i garuntee she was in your same shoes once before!!! catch her when she winds down and in a good mood. or write her a letter and make a copy of it..just in case. you need to talk to her.. it will be ok i promise! i will not be able to get on all weekend but i will check on you mon am! good luck!!!!!!:D

Painted Ride 10-20-2008 04:10 PM

any progress????

travlingypsy 10-20-2008 10:55 PM

Well kinda im getting a lesson on wed or thursday... lol. I havent been able to talk to her but I will during this lesson. Let her know that I want more lessons and im REALLY interested in this.

hillbillyin 10-21-2008 07:07 AM

What is it with some of these boarding stables? The one where my niece keeps her horse is similair. The BO's daughter doesn't seem to clean the stalls assigned to her much at all! I get so angry when I go to watch my niece ride---all those poor horses standing in manure! One horse whose owner has on stall rest (and hobbled), was standing in a stall with no bedding---just manure, and soaked in urine! There are at least 50 stalls, and I know there are around 39 horses there---my niece seems to be the only one doing her job---she is a very hard worker. I imagine the BO wishes his daughter was more like my niece. Anyway---good luck with lessons, and just speak honestly to the trainer about what's been bothering you---it could just be a big misunderstanding.

Painted Ride 10-21-2008 10:31 AM


Originally Posted by travlingypsy (Post 170824)
Well kinda im getting a lesson on wed or thursday... lol. I havent been able to talk to her but I will during this lesson. Let her know that I want more lessons and im REALLY interested in this.

good...keep me posted!!!

travlingypsy 10-22-2008 09:21 PM

I didnt get a lesson! And im not getting one tomorrow because she asked us to feed in the AM so I wont even see her!

Hillbilly- That barn sounds awful! And that horse thats hobbles thats so sad. Maybe your neice will rub off on the BO's daughter...

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