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MirrorStage2009 10-17-2008 09:31 PM

HIGH Heels
I've been searching for a pretty pair of patent chunky heel Mary Janes. In my search I found this website, They actually have some great shoes!

But I saw these 7 Inch Heels Fetish Stretch Ballet Thigh High Boots * Ballet-3000 bad boys!

:shock: Like, ouch! How do you stand in these let alone walk?! Gawd, they would kill even Barbie's feet! Frankly, I think they look disgusting. Looks like alien feet, or something.

I do like a lot of the other shoes, and they're not badly priced for tall boots. Granted, they're a little cheap looking, and some of them scream "Pole Dancer" or "Street Walker", like the Light Up Platform High Heels -- though I would buy a pair. :oops: Ahem...

Gingerrrrr 10-17-2008 10:43 PM

what about these?
8 Inch Stiletto Heel Platform Sandal w/Rear Buckled Calf Straps & Studded Shin * Xtreme-897

yeah, alot of these look like hooker boots but, *cough* alot of them are neat looking. :oops:

my2geldings 10-18-2008 12:10 AM

My version of high heels stops at these. My regular work footwear:wink:
Google Image Result for$detail$

Bitless 10-18-2008 12:12 AM

Lmao :razz: the things woman put themselves through. Those shoes are rediculous.

**** i cant even were 2 inch heels :wink:
I worse some small heeled shoes to a wedding once, some one says "feet hurt?" to me, i said ...( with a funny look) ..." no , i just cant walk in
them " :oops: :razz: hahaha. Im hopless, lol.

but yea seriously im a flat shoes , jandles type of girl....i cringe at any heels :D

appylover31803 10-18-2008 12:41 AM

I think there's a reason why that picture (of the 7" heel) is the way it is.

Model probably couldn't stand long enough to get a good picture.

The only heals I wear are my tall boots:lol:

claireauriga 10-18-2008 06:38 AM

I don't wear heels often, but I do love them. I tend to spend my days in trainers because it's more practical, but I just bought a pair of boots with gorgeous two inch dolly heels, I have some gorgeous black leather pumps with a 2 1/2 inch heel, and I have a gorgeous pair of boots with a four inch stilleto wedge heel. I can walk just fine in all of them and they're all wonderfully comfortable :)

I find that 2 1/2 inches is a really comfortable height, and I'm really stable in them - which is good, because that's the height of the spanish heel on my dancing shoes!

RusticWildFire 10-18-2008 06:43 AM


I'll stick to my tennies and flip flops. I had to wear like 2" heels for my friends wedding and I was afraid of falling walking down the isle! I'd die in those for sure.

Moxie 10-18-2008 07:40 AM

I can hardly walk in my sneakers or flats, let alone high heels. lol

claireauriga 10-18-2008 08:10 AM

I add that I'm five foot eight, so wearing heels just makes me even taller xD I have a friend who's four foot eleven, so when I'm in my four-inch heels and she's in flats ...

gotxhorses 10-18-2008 12:03 PM

Wow. :shock:

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