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appylover31803 10-18-2008 01:00 PM

Another Feed Question for PeggySue :)
With all this feed talk, I have become very interested in feed. And I think it's about time too.
My geldings are currently on a sweet feed and my mare is on a pelleted feed.
My mare has hypp (for those of you who don't know) and I feel i'm pretty educated on the disease, except for the feed part. That website suggests the use of Buckeye feeds. I went through them and I'm not sure which one would be best. So far, Vega is doing great on the pelleted feed, so I'm not up for changing it right now, but I do want to talk to my BO about it (she buys the feed and buckeye isn't sold where she buys it).

Vega is a 5 yo app mare. She is not currently in work. Work will start for her in the spring. She has not shown any symptoms. She is also NH.

if you need any more info, please let me know :)

missy06 10-18-2008 03:42 PM

I'm going to jump in here, because I did my own research when I was looking into what to switch Blaze onto. I've read good things about Buckeye's Gro n Win (a ration balancer), so look into finding that if you can! Is Vega a relatively easy keeper? Who know, maybe it will mellow her out :D

appylover31803 10-18-2008 04:45 PM

I did look into that, but had to dimiss it because the potassium per pound is at 1.5%.. so with with 1.5 pounds of that per day, her potassium level, for that alone would be 2.25% which is 1.25% over the ideal limit for hypp positive horses.

Though the gro'n win alfa looks like a good choice. Potassium is only at .6%.. hmmmm

Is that something I can just give to her, or does it have to be mixed in with grain?

Should I, since she's doing fine on her grain/hay, switch? I don't want to switch to something new and for her to have an episode...

She is of good weight, has actually lost weight since I moved her, but it's a good think because she was chunky. (she also has turnout 24/7 and can move around whenever she wants.. something she never had)

missy06 10-18-2008 04:56 PM

I'll encourage PeggySue or Luvs2Ride to jump in at any time, because they definitely know more than I do.

Ration balancers can be given just on their own. If Vega needed something else, to put on weight, say, you could add alfalfa cubes or something supplemental. Once I'm done transitioning Blaze to a ration balancer, he'll be on that only, plus his hay and grass. One plus side is that because you need to feed less of it than you would of a sweet feed, you're saving money.

If she's doing fine on her hay and grain tho, I wouldn't worry about switching. What made you want to look into it in the first place?

appylover31803 10-18-2008 05:02 PM

yes, she's doing great on her grain and hay.

Tom and I were talking yesterday and I brought up the whole hypp thing, and it really got me thinking about feeds and everything.

My BO and I talked it over, but it left the feed in her hands because she has more knowledge about it than I do.

It's not that I don't like her on the feed she has now, but I guess I want something that I know is totally safe for her. I'm not really sure. And then seeing all the threads about feed made me realize that I know squat about it.

Tom and I do plan, sometime down the road, to move our horses to our house (when we get a house) and since I'd be the one in charge of everything, I guess I want a head start on it.

NoFear526 10-18-2008 05:19 PM

I just saw Gro N Win and have to say that I LOVE this.

I used to feed both my super hot Thoroughbred eventer (who also was very hard to keep proper weight on), and my Mom's super tubby pony mare (she put on weight very easy) this.
I fed them a mix with steam crimped oats and Gro n Win... and my TB mellowed out a TON and looked super healthy, his weight was never an issue. And my Mom's mare thinned out and looked great as well.

Everyone I know too also has had excellent results with it.

Just wanted to pitch in my .02. Hope it helps!

appylover31803 10-18-2008 05:33 PM


I might look into that for my geldings.

Peggysue 10-18-2008 06:33 PM

keep in mind that most horses do fine on 1lb of ration balancer, so if you are looking at 1.5% that will equal .015lbs or 6.81 grams per DAY... chances are the Sweet Feed is higher then that but I dunno without looking

Peggysue 10-18-2008 06:34 PM

Sorry I was late getting here been riding ALL DAY think 6 hours in the saddle LOL

appylover31803 10-18-2008 07:33 PM

That's alright PeggySue.

Vega is actually not on the sweet feed. She is on a pelleted food. I believe Legends Pelleted, but i'm sure there are a bunch of pelleted legends feed.

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