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Horsequeen08 03-26-2013 01:35 AM

Tips for Hunter class?
So I'm entering my mare in a few hunter hack classes in a show in two weeks. She is still green in jumping, but getting better. We are finally consistantly jumping without some crow hopping or refusing in there. My girl is finally getting confidence yay! Anyway, I haven't done a Hunter Hack class in like 4 years, so I wondered what you guys would have to say about these questions:

-Is it better to canter on the wrong lead or to trot and fix it and then continue to canter? (obviously the best choice is to get the right canter, but it is something we are working on...this question would also apply to flat pleasure classes too...I'm curious which gets you more points off. I feel like the judge has a better chance of missing the wrong lead than they would a change of gait and then the canter. But I could be wrong.)

-For Hunter Hack classes, after you jump your line, should your horse be collected for a hand gallop or is it more just a lengthening of the stride while in two point and collection won't matter? ( I know not to collect alot before the jumps themselves)

- I was told is mostly depends on the show itself/location, but overall alot of places will allow you to trot to the jumps and canter away for hack classes. Is that true?? (again, the obvious would be to just check with the show I'm going to if it is allowed, but I'm curious is that is pretty standard or not)

I'm pretty nervous about our jumping classes. She is amazing on the flat, and we will probably place in our flat classes, but I'm a hunter at heart and I care most about our jumping classes. Any good tips for a green jumper and a nervous show-goer? haha. Thanks!

JustDressageIt 03-26-2013 01:41 AM

A judge will never miss a wrong lead if you stay on it. You can tell within the first footfall what lead a horse is on; the judge would have to be a complete novice (and thus not a judge) to miss a horse on the wrong lead. Always change your lead if you can't get it right off the bat; flying is better but a quick simple change is oh so much better than going round on the wrong lead.
I don't understand what your second question is, sorry. I think what you're asking is how to jump the line, and it's just getting striding and leads correct, like a judged over fences class. Hand gallop is shown on the rail.
I believe instructions will be given about your line, whether to trot or canter in, etc.

MudPaint 04-03-2013 09:58 PM

^^^ ALWAYS fix your lead. Start working on clean simple changes. You don't want to leave your horse on the wrong lead, bad habit and won't pin.

The hand gallop at the local shows I attend is a lengthening of stride (not a true gallop) with the rider in a half seat. Just wait till you get to the rail to start your hand gallop or it appears that your horse just took off after the line.

The horse that canters in and out of the line in the most calm, hunter like manner is going to pin. If you have a greenie and trotting in is better for you, do what is best for your horse but don't go in expecting to pin until you can perform all the tricks well.

Relax, deep breath, you're job is to get your horse through this class, pinning comes second to that.

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