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NorthernMama 10-19-2008 09:55 PM

breakaway vs. leather halters
OK -- I made a boo-boo today and didn't tie my horse properly and she couldn't break off when she spooked. Nor could I untie her quickly enough. So, I'm going to go get a new halter and USE it, but do I buy a breakaway or a leather one? The only time I use a halter is for tying and putting in a trailer (I don't tie in a trailer). They don't wear halters in the paddock unless I leave with one horse and the other is alone (and might try to look for us!)

appylover31803 10-19-2008 10:08 PM

I would get a breakaway. If it does break, it's a simple fix. Whereas if you get a leather and if it breaks, it could be any part that may not be a simple fix.

clover 10-20-2008 09:06 AM

I personally like leather for the reason stated above. They can break at any point and to me that seems safer. The breakaways only break at the top, which in most cases would be fine but if the horse gets caught in someway, I would rather it break anyway possible and not risk injuring the horse. Then again, I am at a boarding barn where halters are left on in the field, so, if he gets it caught in a fence, I want it to break! I have never put a nylon halter on my horse.

kenda 10-20-2008 11:46 AM

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I can't think of any way that a horse could get it's halter caught and have a break-away NOT break away. I mean, I'm pretty sure that if any part of the halter breaks, there's going to be pressure on the crown. If you get a break away with a nice soft, thin suede crown piece it should be perfectly safe. Don't get the double-stitched, thick leather ones, they may break but they just seem like the horse would have to do a lot of yanking to get it to break.

kickshaw 10-20-2008 12:02 PM

both of them will get the job done; breakaways are easier to fix if they break. Leather may rot if it gets wet repeatedly and is not oiled. :-)

NorthernMama 10-20-2008 12:13 PM

Guess I'll just go look and see what options are there and pick from that rather than breakaway vs. leather -- just get what I like. Thanks.

SonnyWimps 10-20-2008 02:39 PM

I'd say a breakaway cause it's easier to fix and alot cheaper.
One thing though....if you get a breakaway get one with a FULL leather crown...not just the small piece by the buckle. I had one like that and yes it did break correctly...BUT I could NOT find a replacement part ANYWHERE so I had to buy a whole new one...hence the reason why I suggest a full crown's easier to find a replacement part

PoptartShop 10-20-2008 02:56 PM

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Yeah, I've always used break-away halters. :) They're pretty much the safest!

my2geldings 10-20-2008 06:58 PM

If you think safety is an issue for the horse, I would stay away from leather. I have only had 1 horse spook enough to break a halter and he was wearing a regular nylon halter at the time. It broke where it should have. I have never gone thru the same thing with a leather halter, so I won't be of any help:???:

iridehorses 10-20-2008 07:41 PM

I'm afraid that I don't agree with using a breakaway halter for anything but as a turnout halter (and I don't like haltering a horse in a turnout).

I use a rope halter when I tie my horse to a trailer or for any reason. A horse that learns it can break a halter many times becomes a habitual at it. I want my horse tied so that it can't get free unless I undo it. For that reason I try not to leave my horses alone and I always use a slip knot for fast uniting with me still having control. (There are, of course, times that they are alone such as on overnight rides, or when we stop for a lunch break, etc.)

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