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Thrill Ride 03-26-2013 12:49 PM

Which Horse Would Make a Better Roping/Gaming Horse?
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In our area they have roping practice twice a week at the one arena and you can go to it whatever level you are. Our 4-h also does Western Heritage where you can bring any horse and learn how to rope, work cows, and goat tie.

The horse I used last year is having a foal so I can't use her, my filly is to young, and the horse I am using this year is a Thoroughbred and she might have hock issues. I don't want to over use her.

My boss has 3 horses that I have known for about 4 years, and I could use one of his. Plus, he would be willing to sell any at anytime. He never does anything with them.

So the two..

Kodak, 11 ish year old, 16hh Paint mare. She has always been my favorite. Her dam was a world champion cutting horse (I think it was cutting). I rode her for the first time last summer and she has really nice gaits. Her stop is amazing. Her owner had me ride her in a plain O-ring snaffle and just pulling back a little and sitting back you could go from a pretty fast pace lope to a sliding stop. Her neck reining needs work.

Mocho, 8 ish year old, 15.1hh (ish) mare (Buskinish Looking). I believe she is half arab. I'm not sure how you would exactely describe her coloring. I also rode her for the first time last summer, but I had a friend with who rode her mostly when I rode Kodak. Also goes in a O-ring snaffle and has that sliding stop. Her owner made her a driving horse and used her in the winter for pulling a small sleigh around the yard. Her bloodlines all I know is her dam was a movie star horse but he couldn't remember what movie but it was a well known movie.

He also owns a gelding that is a half brother to Mocho but he is built like a Thoroughbred.

So looking at them conformation wise, who do you think would be the better choice? Or the pros/cons of each?

If I do end up using one of these I would also train them for games so that I could take them with to shows. Every roping horse around here is trained for games.

Sorry, for the poor pictures. I have some good ones somewhere but I can't find them.

ropinbiker 03-27-2013 04:52 PM

If you aren't going to be using them "hard" and you are new to roping, take the one that neck reins and moves off of your feet the have to ride one handed and you can't be tugging on your horse while chasing cattle...

Confirmation wise they both are decent and should be able to handle the strain of roping...but, you never really know how well they will hold up until you start pulling or stopping cows.

BreannaMarie 03-28-2013 02:38 PM

id say go with the buckskin mare, they both have the potintial(spelled wrong lol) but the buckskin looks to have a shorter back which is better for various gaming events(barrels, poles, ect.) my 4h leader does all reining and cow(sorting, cutting, penning, boxing, ect.) and says that shorter horses are better for that sort of thing, they are quicker to jump side-to-side and can turn on their heels faster than a longer horse can, he prefers shorter backed horses. i agree with ropinbiker, id use the neck reined horse. however there is a question, does either horse leg que?? are they prefectly sound, not just for riding, i mean will their legs be able to take the preasure from jumping around?(i say this because i had a mare once who was perfectly sound for rideing and all but had week hocks witch made her unusable for gaming but i could do anything else with her). over all the buckskin is the one i would choose.

SorrelHorse 03-28-2013 03:37 PM

I don't like the hindquarters of the buckskin. too flat, looking cowhocked to me, and I don't like the bone either. The paint mare is super thick which is against my personal preference (Not necessarily a bad thing, just my favor) and a lot better bone. She's got slightly better hindquarters too, but both are a little flat in the croup. Would like to see it rounder, but that's not too terrible. The only thing leg wise that concerns me about the pain is her fetlocks are pretty long and at an angle.

I do like the buckskin's shoulder better than the paint but the difference is so slight that won't make a difference.

Both their backs look a touch long so that won't effect the decision.

I would go out and see which one you enjoy riding better. The neck reining isn't hard to fix. Just move forward, lay your rein, and when nothing happens bump your leg into a haunch turn and go on again. Get that shoulder responding to it.

Also, if the paint mare has cutting lines, she will more than likely have that cow sense and probably a lot of grit and try.

So let's make this easier...

+ Positive
- Negative

- Better Bone +
- Better Hind +
- Decent Shoulder +
- Slightly Long Back -
- Long Fetlocks -
- Breeding +

- Lighter Bone -
- Cow hocks -
- Funky Hindquarters -
- Good Shoulder +
- Slightly Long Back -
- Better Fetlocks +

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