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LikeaTB 03-26-2013 07:13 PM

Breaking in tall boots?
I just ordered some Ariat Heritage Contour Zip Field Boots (long name!) today and I am sooooooo excited to get them in! Hopefully them will come in around next Tuesday :3
Anyways, how can I break them in? My calf height measures right under 17" and I ordered the medium calf which is 18". I also ordered some heel lifts to help with the height. What are some good ways of breaking them in? No, I will *not* do the bathtub method, I am definitely not going to put my new $300 boots in the bathtub, I don't care if it makes them form to your leg.

Would the best way be to just wear them, ride in them, etc? How should I treat them to get them to last as long as possible? I do not have boot trees, but I have heard you can just stuff with newspaper while not in use? I will wipe them down after every ride, should I condition or just wipe with a dry rag? Thanks!

JustDressageIt 03-26-2013 07:56 PM

Wear them everywhere. They will hurt for a while and be stiff so I don't recommend riding in them straight away... We par them under your jeans at home and out and about, everywhere. Store them with boot shapers.

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