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ohmyitschelle 10-20-2008 06:53 PM

Confo critique of my other mare!
I decided that since I had posted the pics of Honey, it's about time Bailey got some time on these boards too lol.

Bailey is a 10yr old Standardbred mare. She'll be 11 in Dec. I've had her since Nov 2002, and she was my first pony. She's spent most of this year on and off with work, as I don't personally ride her as I'm too big for her 14.2hh frame lol. However, she's just recently come into work and it's like watching a different horse all together.
I also want to say that here in New Zealand we had one of the roughest winters out. My paddocks didn't cope very well, and although my horses were fed hay and hard feed, they came into Spring quite light. I now have changed their diet and with the grass that's FINALLY coming through, they're gaining weight :) Bailey was lucky enough to keep most of her weight on over winter, as she does incredibly well on hard feed :P The other thing I want to point out is that she's due for her feet to be trimmed so they are a bit long.

Please constructive criticism only, and please say nothing about her rider, the riding photos are merely to show what she's like. :) Oh and please excuse the way she's standing... the little toad moved every time I stepped away to take the photo lol. Not exactly the best photos, but oh well, it was worth a shot.

Thanks for taking a look!

PoptartShop 10-20-2008 07:27 PM

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Aw, she's very pretty. :) I love her halter color too.
Critique: Long back, thick neck, nice muscling, she looks like she stands under herself a tiny bit in the front, has kind eyes, & her back is flat (not butthigh or sloped). Nice horse!

ohmyitschelle 10-21-2008 12:45 AM

Thanks! She is a cutie, its why I put up with all her 'ballet' and have kept her so long.

SonnyWimps 10-21-2008 11:09 AM

no critique from me...but I must say you are making me want to get a Standardbred for my second horse!

Painted Ride 10-21-2008 11:19 AM

she is cute...might i ask why do you shave the top portion of the tail???

xkatex 10-21-2008 01:28 PM

Her neck is a bit shorter than what I like to see on a standardbred. We are in the harness racing industry but conformation isnt a big deal as long as they go fast and make money ;). It might also just be the picture but she looks a bit "over" at the knees. Maybe its just me. Her front feet look slightly pidgeon toed but it could just be the way shes standing.

But I love the Standies and I think shes a pretty lady :D

ohmyitschelle 10-22-2008 02:18 AM

Haha Sonny, watch it, I'll be posting some of my gelding once I get the photos this weekend... then you'll be definitely thinking of a standardbred! (I'm unfortunately too fond of my boy lol)

tbenitez - im a showie in training and over here some of us tend to be lazy bums and just shave the tops of our tails instead of plaiting them and/or pulling them. I find it also handy during spring cos Bailey is a right toad and goes in heat just at the sight of a gelding lol and so her tail if left unattended gets horribly mucky. It's quite common in the standardbred ring to shave them... Bailey needs hers redone, and it looks a little messy right now :)

Thanks Kate, I think it may be the photo angle making her look over at the knee... I do know that she stands under herself a bit in the front though. And yeah, her neck doesnt match exactly with the rest of her :)

Thanks everyone

fireside 10-22-2008 10:25 PM

Low Set Tail. Low Neck Set. Thick At Throat Latch. Are "The Bad" That Stick Out To Me. I Do Not See Over At The Knees At All. Looks Very Nice Under Saddle.

ohmyitschelle 10-23-2008 03:01 AM

Thanks heaps fireside... I was thinking she had a low set tail too... I'm meant to chop the tail shorter so it doesnt make her butt drag so much yes? Lol. I'm pretty sure that's what you do to elude that flaw lol.

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