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livelovelaughride 03-27-2013 01:22 AM

Hind Toes QQQ
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Since I've moved barns 4 months ago I had to change farriers. My trainer who used to board my guy is noticing he now has higher feet -in the hind- than before, and she believes also his way of going has changed. In the trot, because the toe has been trimmed back, he doesn't look as though he is reaching out, but more of an angle. In a recent pic it looks like the toe is landing first, though I don't know --maybe due to being behind the leg or moving lazily?
He has a habit of forging but I think we're going to deal with this by riding - maybe I should ask the farrier to not round down his toe so much?

How should a horse foot land?? in walk and trot?
What do you think? Excuse the mud. The qq is about the hinds, not the front. Though if you notice something, by all means! TIA.

Missy May 03-27-2013 01:47 AM

Well, I am not an expert and wouldn't know, but it is hard to really see the toe relative to the hoof from the picture. I am guessing someone that would be able to actually provide a decent opinion would need at least a side shot.

He is a handsome fellow. And the shoe job certianly looks like it was done w care.

I am sure he is traveling on flat ground when you observe a toe first landing?

Anyway, I once started obsessing on whether my mare's foot fall was "correct". It is very useful to have someone help you film them traveling on solid flat ground using a decent camera - then slow it way down w editing software and study it. It removes all doubt. Do it from several angles whilst you are at it to maximize your effort. In my case, her foot landing was just fine...but it is harder than you think to see "everything" going on there relative to foot fall w just the naked eye.

loosie 03-27-2013 01:56 AM

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You'll need to send some good hoof pics if you want a critique. Unfortunately can't tell much from those pics. See link below in signature.

From what can be seen though, it looks like his hind h/p angles are good & his toes aren't dubbed or anything. Why does he have clips on the shoes? The lateral side of that hoof pictured looks a bit weird up the top. Were his feet run forward a fair bit, or too low heeled or such when the farrier took over? Is he as butt-high & straight in the back legs as he appears in that pic? Have you had a bodyworker to check him out at all?

How should a horse's hoof land? Heel first just slightly, *on flat or downhill ground. But it won't really be noticeable, unless you have a good slow-mo video. And there are many reasons a horse may not land heel first, of which I don't believe too short toes is one.

livelovelaughride 03-28-2013 12:44 AM

Here's an odd question: would it matter if a horse is travelling 'lazily' or with impulsion ---- does that affect how a hoof lands?? Would the hoof pretty much present the same way?? I will get better pics this weekend. And, if I were to shot video, would be best on a hard surface? No round pen footing?
In the lunge pen he's a mellow guy, sometimes hard to get going unless its a downward transition from canter. And of course hard to keep up impulsion with a lunge whip and point and focus a camera!

Oh the clips things are the shoes the farrier put on- these ones have a channel on the underside of the shoe that is said to help with grip on the trail. We used to have "performance" shoes that were smooth on the underside. I was told they were smooth so as to not interfere with the horse's foot movements. On the road, these type of shoes are quite slippery especially on pavement.

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