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tpup 03-27-2013 06:48 AM

Liming, fertilize & fescue?
New horse property being built and I had the ag guy out - the lot is fescue (fine for my 2 plans to breed or have foals, no mares) :lol:

Had soil tested and soil "needs" lime and fertilizer. The grass is thick and coming in now (turning green). Lot will be bushhogged when they start building and horses won't be moved to it until late summer. One of mine is a large pony - he can get fat on too much grass and we have to muzzle sometimes.

Do I even need to lime in this scenario and is the fertilizer to grow more, richer grass?? Do it next year in spring or maybe in fall? I board down the road so they are used to this grass. (all the same in this area)

Does liming need to be done yearly if the soil test calls for it?

The lot also has some brome (sp?) and thorn bushes growing which will need a safe broadleaf weed killer - I have some names of places that can do it safely for pastures and will definitely do that weeks before the horses come.

Builder will plant grass around the home itself for the yard and that area will be leveled of course for the build.

SouthernTrails 03-27-2013 07:05 AM


Lime conditions the soil to keep the grass healthy long term during hard times. Lime does not necessarily mean the grass grows faster like fertilizer would.

We use Grazon to kill most weeds, you will need a License (cheap and an easy test) in most states too use it, but it is safer for Horse than many weed killers.


maura 03-27-2013 12:04 PM

The fertilizer is to grow richer grass, but even if you're pasturing airferns, you do still want to use it. Horses are selective grazers, and weeds will take over you pasture very quickly if you don't encourage the good grasses.

The best way to renovate pasture to first fertilize and then mow often during the growning cycle, which allows the desirable grasses to spread while preventing the weeds from seeding.

What So. Trails said about the lime, etc. ^^^^^^^^^

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