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travlingypsy 10-21-2008 12:02 AM

What do you haul your horse trailer with?
I want to get something that will haul a trailer. My trainer thinks you need this super duty truck. But then ive seen smaller trucks haul horses.
What do you use?

lizzie_magic 10-21-2008 01:59 AM

We have a holden rodeo, it's a v6 so it's fairly powerfull but we only have a 2 horse float.

travlingypsy 10-21-2008 02:03 AM

I have never heard of a holden rodeo

KANSAS_TWISTER 10-21-2008 02:23 AM

keep in mind that difrent countries have diffrent names for there trucks......that said...i have 3 trailers, a 1 horse, a 2 horse and a 4 horse, i just bought a nissan titan v8 crew cab and it hauls every thing....

travlingypsy 10-21-2008 02:51 AM

Really I never actually thought about nissan trucks!

KANSAS_TWISTER 10-21-2008 03:27 AM

it's a 3/4 ton truck, had a chevy but it had trouble pulling my trailers around so i got rid of it

PG'sGal4ever 10-21-2008 04:27 AM

Gmc Sierra v8 and it pulls great, what size trailer do you have? If you plan on pulling just a bumperpull , A smaller truck would work for that, I noticed you lived in washington and dont they have lots of hills there? deffaintly get a v6 or v8 for strength .

PaintHorseMares 10-21-2008 05:34 AM

We have a Dodge RAM 1500 (w/V8 Hemi) to pull our 2 horse BP trailer.

meggymoo 10-21-2008 05:44 AM

Mitsubishi L200 to pull my two horse trailer. Wouldn't be without it. :D

Painted Ride 10-21-2008 10:33 AM

i useto haul my 2000 lbs gelding in a 2 horse trailer with my chevy s-10!never any problems

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