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rallen9491 03-27-2013 10:12 AM

genetics question
I have a buckskin paint stud and a bay paint mare. Neither are homozygous because the mare just gave birth to a solid buckskin colt. My question is, even though the colt is solid, because both his parents are painted, does that mean he will throw only painted babies when he's older even though he is solid? Or will i need a dna test to be certain?
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kassierae 03-27-2013 11:25 AM

That depends on what patterns the sire and dam carry. They could carry any combination of them. If they both carry tobiano there is a possibility he is a minimal tobiano, but highly unlikely. I would also advise testing all of them for OLWS, or Frame Overo, even if they look like just tobianos or are solid.

kenda 03-27-2013 11:55 AM

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All of the pinto markings are dominant, meaning, if they are present in hetero or homozygous form, they will show (however minimally). As evidenced by some of the horses on here, they can show in as little form as a star on the forehead, or even some tiny dot on the underside of the horse that you'll never see. If sire and dam are both heterozygous for each or any pinto gene, there is a 25% chance that there each offspring will be born without that particular gene. IE, tobiano

If sire and dam are each heterozygous for tobiano, they have a 25% chance of producing a homozygous tobiano foal (TT), 50% of heterozygous (Tt) and 25% of non-tobiano (tt).

*edit, Punnett squares are hard to reproduce on here!*

This is true for each type of pinto gene they carry seperately, and each gene is not dependant on or connected to the others. If your resulting foal ended up tt (or recessive for any of the other pinto genes), he will not produce pinto foals unless bred to a pinto mare. If he is heterozygous (Tt) he will have the same possibilities as his sire, if homozygous (TT) he will always produce pinto. The only way to know for sure since your horse does not APPEAR to be pinto (based on markings) is to have the genetic tests done to see if he's a minimally expressed pinto.

FrostedLilly 03-27-2013 03:57 PM

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It's tough to say. Colour genetics can be mysterious. I can offer an example, but it's not quite the same. My mare's sire was a Paint and was heterozygous. Dam was solid. The resulting foal also ended up being solid. I had her tested a few months back and she carries absolutely zero of the testable Paint colour markers (results are below.) I think there is small chance that the foal might not carry any markers, however, I'm not positive. I know my example is a little different because one mare was already solid.

Something that might make it a bit easier is to go on the Coat Color Calculator and you can see the possible colour genetic combinations.


N/N No evidence for the altered sequence detected.

N/N No evidence of altered sequence detected.

N/N No evidence of altered sequence detected. Horse is not Tobiano.
WHITE SW-1 N/N No copies of SW-1 mutation.

N/N No copies of SW-2 mutation.

N/N No copies of SW-3 mutation.

Southern Grace 04-23-2013 11:27 AM

I back Kenda, pinto is dominant, so if he carried the gene, it would be visible on his coat (albeit, small and hard to find could still be visible). The colt is most likely not a carrier for either gene, so while a DNA test could prove he does carry the gene (presented as a white marking on some obscure area of his body) it is highly unlikely, especially if you know both sire and dam are heterozygous.

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