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KANSAS_TWISTER 04-23-2007 05:25 AM

life on my farm
it's 4 a.m in the morning and now i know why i loved boarding when i lived in canada, just got in from feeding the horses (hubby said he would do it but fell asleep....nothing new there).
played with abby a little bit but didn't have time to ride her today, too much to do on the farm.....we worked on tieing which went great until star came over to investagate and abby forgot that she was tied, i think star got the last laugh on that one.
played fetch with my blinde aussie shep named blue...ok it was a little one sided...but he waits for the thump of the ball and then runs for it, he discoverd that there are cows in the next field over from our house and wanted to make friends.
can't wait to see what abby thinks of the chickens when they come in on wensday, her paddock is next to where i'm going to build the coop, when the cow's where moved to the field next door abby and star hid in the barn for the whole day only peeking out to see if they where gone :shock:
any ways i guess i'm heading to bed, hubby promised to feed when he got up.....not crossing my fingers on that one... buthopefuly my lttle boy will let me sleep in....not!!

KANSAS_TWISTER 04-23-2007 05:32 AM

just some pics

my dog blue and mike and tj keeping a eye on the cows (they never seen cow before)[/img]

KANSAS_TWISTER 05-02-2007 10:03 AM

ok so i haven't written in a while...guess that happens, saddled up abby yesterday morning with my stuben but girth was way to big, my old mare muffy was a fat large pony where as abby is more small boned and refind, can't go far with her any ways.....her little brother star get's up set when he can't see her and inturns get's the other horses and cows upset in the area!! plus the sky was getting dark.

was going to work with star and pull the hippies long main after i drove hubby to work , that quickley changed ....we had a rope tornado hit the hight way and bounced in to the grave yard, ok so now i've seen 2 tornado's in my from a far and one way to close.....headed back to the house to run for i was driving ( i have a loud chevy silverado with glass packs, my husband is a sheriffs dept and like loud things) back home with the sound of my truck and the tornado sirens going off there sat calmly was our herd of hosres just grazzing like nothing was going on,

went to check on them later in the after noon to see if every thing was ok with them.......poor guys where field is once again flooded and is once again up on higher ground

Friesian Mirror 05-02-2007 10:44 PM

Oh no, I hope you're okay! Is anything badly damaged? :(

KANSAS_TWISTER 05-03-2007 12:36 AM

we're ok.....the only thing that got hit in town was the grave yard (we're still counting the dead) sorry bad joke, my metel feed bins floated out to the middle of the field but that was about it, those sirens are just huanting to hear when they go off, my poor husband was late for work but it's was ok, he works for the sheriffs dept and they were already in our part of the county, it's ammazing how they just dance around not caring what they hit.....i have wood pallets out side my work shop which i thought for sure would be tossed all over the place where still where they were left. my husband went up stairs to take a look out side and he said that abby and star were in the barn watching the storm.

my mother left a faire bit of money to me in her will and i'm thinking of buying 327 acres and building a house and barn and selling our farm here, trust me it will have a storm seller in both in the house and the barn. that's what you get for living in kansas

KANSAS_TWISTER 05-14-2007 11:44 PM

woke up a little late this morning......went to feed lizzy are new mom barn kitty (four little one all the same) never herd the end of it that i fed her first before the horses though, didn't work with abby today i stuck by the house ( my mum died 6 weeks ago and now my father has had a heart attack) but took the time to let her loose to rome the farm for a bit, it's getting hot around here so if i ride now it's way early in the morning or later in the evening but haven't had time to in a while...and week ends are total write off ....the local church group is helping the farms around greensburg clean up...any ways we'll see what tomorrow bring's

KANSAS_TWISTER 05-16-2007 12:45 AM

ooooooooohhhhh deeeeeeeeeeeer, was on the phone this afternoon when i just happend to look out the window and thought i saw a large dog in the yard...had to take a double take and yes it was a deer nibbling on my sons little red wagon left by the window after our morning walk, tried to take a pic but could not find the cam...hubby was never going to belive this... i think lizzy the barn cat is still in shock....she was sunning her self on my husbands fishing boat when it ran past to our hay field leaped right over the electric fencing and right in to the path way of our protective paint gelding who at that time thought it would be great to give chase to some thing that is 9 times faster then him, watch it leap over the fence once again in to anothr field and only if abby could jump like that......not....started her on ground pole and she looked at me with the look...ok you go first.....but thing's are really starting to shape up with her, really want to start working her on a bit instead of a hackamore so i can start driving her soon...still have to find a harness soon, but got the training cart......although star is still have issues about abby being away from him.......turned her loose in the side padock and he had a coniption fit and we had to put her back with him......getting really tired of him but can't get rid of him

KANSAS_TWISTER 05-19-2007 06:48 PM

this morning started off really great and i guess the day is still going that way.....sarah my daughter has 3 days of school left....and is all excited about summer.....after feeding the horses early this morning i crawled back in to bed and naped before the kids woke was great, i got woken up to mummy can i go for a ride on abby....i don't know who was out the door first me or sarah, but we had such fun....sarah has decoverd that ridding bareback is a lot more fun, it was great seeing her this way, she went to a 4-h meet last night and was so discusted that she couldn't ride.....still waitting for my new trailer to arrive that my husband bought and abby wont load in to a one husband and i think abby and sarah can grow together and learn from each other....sarah has her eye on star now 2 year old chestnut mustang....he's quick on his turns and fast on the straight away and she is some what talking about getting on the high school roping tream and if that's the case star will be going off to a trainer for a while ....abby was easy for me to brake but star is a difrent story. but it's great that's she starting to get back in to ridding and starting to over come that lost of her horse lucky last year, if i get the time tonight i'll be out on her tonight with my dog blue, i'm trying to get them to trail togeather...always like my old dog to come along on trails when i lived in montreal...but blue get's to close and she kicks at's sister might be comming to live with us...tragic story about her owner....but i want to get the dog's to the point where i can trail with them all

KANSAS_TWISTER 05-22-2007 05:50 PM

i guess this is where my journal ends
i gues this is where it ends.....yes i did put all my hosrses up for sale...including my beloved little abby, i've given my boarder 2 weeks to find a new place to board her horses, owning my own barn is not for me, the phyco that owns land next door has won for now....he'll see his day in court and also the guy who sold us this farm will see his day in court for selling to us for wrongful sale and with held information......i guess there will be a bitter custady battle for my son ....i've informed my husnabd that i'm leaving....this place is not for me.....i need to return to my class of people...dont call me a snob..ok you can....i want to go back to ridding 20.000 dollers horses who have been trained buy world class trainers not feed lot horses trained by billy bob joe.....

KANSAS_TWISTER 05-26-2007 12:12 AM

i still live amungst the red necks here....don't know why but i guess i'm giving my husband one last chance....every mustang i have is still up for sale except abby.....i am not in to keeping pasture pets any more and getting rid of them.....turning that pasture in to a hay field in stead.....still have to deal with phyco nieghbour but got a plane on that live 50 miles from greensbourg ks (there is nothing left of that town) our little town here has had a few near farm lays on the town line and his is just off the town line.....he's got a center pivet......giant water sprinkler for his hay....those pivets can be dangerus in a tornado, i know i can't do any think local about it but i can go to state senete and do some thing to have the pivets removed close to town........his is the only one close to town and i have made sure of would take a huge chunk in his buisness away from him, our water tables have gone from 10 ft from the ground to a 50 ft drop in the well because of the pivets....i think's it's better to do that then dresssing in black and heading out to his place at night and slashing every tire on the that make me sound phyco now :P :P :P .......i've desided that once the mustangs go that i'm going to spend money on a real horse for my daughter that she can 4-h with....we went to look at one last night that has a back round that you can die for, dash for cash ..san peppy,.. doc bar...any one got 3,000$ ???? daughter said that she didn't click with that horse and still wants to keep looking.

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