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servinator 10-21-2008 06:57 PM

De-icing Stock Tanks
We have the conduit for electric run up to the barn, but we don't have the electric wire run yet. Previously I ran outdoor extension cords from the nearest electric outlet to the water heater in the tank (about 200 ft), but they are unreliable and when the don't work you have to dig them out of the snow to figure out which connection is bad. Does anyone know of a solar de-icer or any way to keep the water from freezing. I use a black rubbermaid stock tank (I think it's about 100 gal.)

NorthernMama 10-21-2008 10:53 PM

In Canada, we have a supplier called Princess Auto that has lots of solar stuff. Also, what I have done in the past is forego the extension cords (definitely a headache and very dangerous) and purchased heavy cable, say 10 guage, put my own male and female plug ends on it and made my own extension cord the length I needed it. If you go this route, the heavier the cable, the less voltage drop you will have. BTW, I also fed the cable through some 1/2" poly piping to protect it from horses and equipment. Then I buried it about a foot into the ground, just by hand digging. Easy enough to do, just time consuming.

servinator 10-22-2008 08:08 AM

We already have the conduit buried for the electric, we just haven't gotten an electrician out, we have had to do so much this year, we're about out of budget! The heavy cable sounds like a good idea, the tank is near the fence so I don't have to worry about the horses fooling with the line, I use PVC pipe to cover heater cord though. I'm hoping to win the lottery to pay an electrician!:roll:

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