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amethystdreams 03-28-2013 11:28 AM

Argh.. out of saddle for about 2 months..
I have been out of the saddle for about 2 months because of school and finances. It's been really frustrating because my last lesson I was learning to canter and it was just so awesome!! I am always watching videos on youtube about riding in the hopes that I don't forget what I learned.

I'm going to be working at my barn in the summer to help reduce the cost of my lessons and maybe take a class or 2 at school as I do not want to be overloaded. (I'm finishing up my first 12 hour semester. First time in college.)

I feel so hungry for knowledge and looking for ways to help out in whatever way I can that is horse related but because of work/school/money it's just not happening right now. *sigh*
I just needed to rant. I want to get back to riding so bad.... :(

LynnF 03-29-2013 12:27 AM

I know the feeling, it is always a struggle to balance real life with riding time. Working at the barn is a great way to make things more affordable! Hope everything works out for you!

loveduffy 03-29-2013 12:34 AM

I feel your pain when I went to collage I had to give up horse all together I hung out with the cows and treated them like horses grooming them and playing with them they love it but it was not the same

KountryPrincess 03-29-2013 04:11 AM

We all go through periods where we can't ride, I feel your pain :-) My mare tore a suspensory last October. She is just now ready to start *really* light riding, like walking around slowly in the soft arena, and now I am laid up with small tumors on the nerves in my left foot. I will be having surgery in three weeks. One of my friends, who also happens to be my trainer is being nice enough to ride my mare lightly while she gives lessons to others. She says it is nice to not have to walk around and get sand kicked in her face as she is teaching, so it is working out well for all involved.

I cannot wait to get back to riding my own horse. My friend said the first time she went out to ride her, my mare kept looking at her like, "Who are you, and does my mom know you are messing around with me?". :D

Back2Horseback 03-30-2013 11:31 PM

I, too, feel your pain, and soon will post a thread about such...was just really getting back to regaining many lost skills, when the realization that I was in an unsafe place, both realistically and security (financial) related at work, which put me on a near-constant job hunt for the past two months, thus putting my lessons on hold and the only thing I've had the time for, other than job hunting (until I finally found the RIGHT AND GREAT JOB I'VE WANTED about two weeks ago) was looking passively for a purchase horse.

One major aspect/criteria of this new job was to be able to work days, and work three twelve hour shifts/week, thereby making owning a horse (time-wise) a realistic possibility.

My AWESOME, BELOVED trainer is also going through some changes, thus, if I want to take weekly lessons, I have to find another, supplemental trainer, which has been tough.

Just wanted you to know you by FAR are not alone, and lots of us are taking breaks for one reason or another. I keep hoping that the fact that I've shed a few lbs during this hiatus from formal lessons, (I may be down to 140?? Haven't weighed self, but clothes fit better, probably due to all the stress of the job hunt!!) :0) will be positive when I take back up riding. Plus, been riding the beach cruiser a bit and walking a LOT, which is good for muscle, endurance, and balance! (gotta find the positive!)...

Best to'll find a way to get back to it, never fear, and as a religious person (apologies if this offends), I believe G-d puts us where we need to be and helps us to find the right path, if we look hard enough! Maybe your path is slightly different, and you had to have some time to reflect in order to see a new barn with better opportunities, or a chance to do something you'd have missed without this break? Who knows? I pray the best for you is yet to come, so hang in there!!!

B2H :0)

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