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FrostedLilly 03-28-2013 02:36 PM

Has She Lost Weight?
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Hello HF Friends,

As some of you know, my mare Lilly packed on the pounds this summer. It was an extremely wet year and the grass in the pasture was extremely rich. To make things even more challenging, her sole pasture mate was a 29 year old mare who requires free access to hay to maintain condition in Winter. She was at my parents' farm eating her weight in hay and not getting any exercise.

SO, I moved her to a friend's place where she is now hand fed twice a day and my friend is exercising her a couple of times a week. <-- She only has an outdoor ring, and it's still cold and snowy here, but she plans on increasing the exercise once the snow is gone and the temperature goes up. Lilly is also now with a 4 year old gelding who very actively antagonizes her, (not aggresive, just a pest) so she's just moving around more period.

I think she's lost weight, but I'm not sure if I'm just seeing things because I want to, so, let me know what you all think. I understand her thick coat obscures things a little, but I think you can still see her general shape. I'm under no illusions that she doesn't still have progress to make, but I think we're going in the right direction.

Lilly this summer;d=1351998514

December 2012

February 2013
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March 10, 2013

Also March 10, 2013 after a good free lunge in the round pen that had about 3 ft of snow in it.

CLaPorte432 03-28-2013 02:45 PM

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I think perhaps she has lost some weight. Although she still has a way to go towards being slim. ;-)

FrostedLilly 03-28-2013 06:30 PM

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Oh most definitely. I'm under no illusions that she's thin, but I stare at pictures so much, I don't know if I'm just seeing things, or if I just want her to look thinner, so she does!

Wallaby 03-28-2013 06:37 PM

All I have to say is that she is the cutest! Good thing she doesn't live with me, she'd be fatter than she was in that first picture. :lol:

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