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travlingypsy 10-22-2008 09:45 PM

I'm going to leave my barn
If this trade with Taxi for Gypsy dosent work out. Im selling Gypsy I dont even care if I get 500 bucks for her! And Im getting out of this whole thing! Im SO sick of this barn, I cant get lessons, Im just like dirt there.
Today my horse was turned out with two other horses that were up for sale, the BO had a lady who wanted to buy a horse she showed her the other two horses and didnt even mention that mine was for sale. But what ever shes a greedy wh***
THEN that same lady was selling a dressage winctec pro saddle. That I secretly wanted because it was bran new and selling for 350! a boarder at the barn was test riding it and my mom asked if I liked it I told her that thats the one I wanted from before.
So she tells The "friend" if you dont buy it I want to get it for (me) for christmas. So my BO buys if for the Jaden her dream kid that she wants him to be a horse trainer! She told my mom that its to small for me which im riding in a 16 in saddle and that saddle was 16 1/2 inch.
So that broke the ice. Im done, im out, thanks for ruening my first horse experiance It was really FREAKIN fun!

If I do get Taxi which I REALLY want him Im going to find a new barn or pasture to go to. Get lessons and do what I really want, train.
If I dont get Taxi then im just going to save as much money as possible buy my own property and start from there.
Im just sooooo mad because this whole thing is a drawn out, stupid thing.
And the BO just crushed my whole idea/dream about horses.

kickshaw 10-22-2008 09:56 PM

I'm so sorry that you've had to deal with all of that!!!

If it's any consolation, my first boarding experience was crappy too - - but, you pack up, move your toys and move on :-)

I wish you luck in selling Gypsy - and I hope that you are able to get Taxi :-)

Just know that not every horse person is like that! And about the "star kid" thing, every low-end boarding place that I've been to that has a trainer makes the "star kid" feel special because that's the kid they feel they can sucker their parent's into buying anything (like the saddle, or a "super duper horse" that's crap, or the really fancy attire)...none of it is needed, but it is money going into the trainer's pocket ;-) (not supposed to make you feel better, but it's a fact!)

Just remember why you got into horses...and strive to make every trip out to your current place and with Gypsy a good one. So she spooks...invent games that are safe for you that introduce her to all sorts of spooky stuff. Don't want to do that? Have a groom day, or a lunge day, or a trail day, or a "hey would you ride my horse" day. Make it fun for you. You're not paying all of those bills for you to feel like crap. So don't let them!!!

Think about this: what effect are you going to let them have on your life in the long run? Do you want to look back 5-10 years from now and say "well, it was really bad there so I just got out of horses all together" or would you want to say "Ha! I remember that crappy place...sure am glad I got out of there (as you are celebrating your latest show victory on a horse you've put lots of time in) "

Sometimes a move or change of pace is exactly what you need. :D ((hugs))

travlingypsy 10-22-2008 11:38 PM

Thanks! But that star kid is her bfs (the ferrers kid). He can ride any horse he wants even if it dosent belong to the BO. There are so many saddles that she owns. Im borrowing her saddle because I could never find a cheap good saddle till this one and even then I felt guilty to tell my mom cause I wasnt sure we could afford it. Ive even been trying to pimp out my pig for stud fees to go to a saddle.

And I know that now im in horses I cant leave for good. I want this soooo bad. Even if I have to sell Gypsy and just read training/care books. Ive already got plans to go to the library and read all the books there. I mean I want to train,work with horses!
but I know they are going to beat me down with training. I dont know if she like feels ill be compatition with having a training background????

But when I got Gypsy 3yrs ago. She was still a reck and with lessons I helped that horse out. Shes a great trail horse and has some potential. I just need to call the vets tomorrow and ask for barns in this area. I know when we first moved here we asked and there was three barns. But I dont know? I never heared anything about other barns from being at this barn. Just that theres a bunch of crazy people in this area and no one knows how to ride!

sandy2u1 10-23-2008 12:56 AM

Becoming a horse trainer is a wonderful goal to shoot for. Even in horse training will have to deal with people, some nice and some not so nice, so maybe you can think of this experience as part of your training? I do have to ask though, are you just paying the barn for boarding or are lessons supposed to be part of the deal? Anyway, kickshaw is right...dont let a few hateful people ruin your dreams or the time you spend with your horse. I would start searching for a new barn immediately. Ask around, ask other people with horses, the vet...check the newspapers and anything local that sells horses or supplies.

travlingypsy 10-23-2008 03:15 AM

Since I work at the barn, I work off my board. Then if I want lessons I can get them. A couple months ago I had lessons every week they were show prep lessons but since I relized we are never going to go to a show I stopped. And now I cant get a lesson scedualed or rescedualed!

I honestly want nothing to do with this BO, nothing social anyways. I just dont get it! She cant tell my mom not to buy a saddle she wasnt selling it! Who cares if she thought it was to small, you know. Its not her desicion. And thats what really makes me mad. That she told my mom that she couldnt get me a christmas present saddle thing. Cause I asked for a saddle last year but didnt get it.
If anyone askes what barn to go to in my area, NOT THIS ONE!

Painted Ride 10-23-2008 10:33 AM

dont give up on the horse industry all together. so your in a place that you not happy with by any means! we know. i have been there b4. i threatened selling my horse and giving up too. but my life would not be complete without my horse....are there any other options like another barn. try to weigh out your potions b4 you make an irrational decission! think long and hard about whatever you do b/c you wont want to wake up tomorrow any regret your decisions. any if you sold gypsy for $500 then he/she probably wouldn't be in the best place, if you know what i mean.

travlingypsy 10-23-2008 02:49 PM

Im calling the vets to see about barns or anything that has to do with horses. Wish me luck on other options!

Painted Ride 10-23-2008 03:23 PM

good luck sweety....i hope all goes well for you!!!!!

kickshaw 10-23-2008 03:27 PM

indeed. good luck!

travlingypsy 10-23-2008 10:06 PM

No luck at all! This sucks the lady at the vets is going to ask her co workers and then she will call but other wise she dosent know of a barn.
I think im going to post an ad on CL asking for a Riding/show group in my area and see what I get. I also have another vet to call but I dont know it dosent look to good. Man I need to get out and this is such a small town not a lot of options....

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