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amandaandeggo 10-23-2008 03:55 PM

AmandaAndEggo's Journal <3 do not read! jk

(sorry its in sections . . . its all copyed from girl talk . . . since my thread in there kinda became a journal)

well Dom spent the whole day at school today lol . . . but in english she moved our seats ! ! ! Dom is still be hind me but now T.J. is on the other side of the room :sad: but i guess it will help cause i dont think he realy cares about me :roll: but we will see . . . today Dom and i got put in the same group along with this other guy Frankie . . . and Frankie ive never realy talked to him before but he was kinda awsome . . . but Dom had to go and say "she likes T.J." . . . which i wish he wouldnt have . . . cause for a minute there Frankie seemed interested in me (cause he was just sitting there in his desk staring into my eyes . . . and when we were writting down answers on our group sheet he agreed to everything and not what Dom had said) . . . and the first thing he said to Dom was that he broke up with Becky (which is when Dom said "she likes T.J.") . . . so I kinda wish Dom would just shut up! . . . maybe things will be diffrent tomorow . . . since we are going to be in the same groups again (Dom, Frankie and Me)

lol he wasnt here today . . . theres a rumor that Dom cut off a finger or somthing lol . . . rumors they get so outta control . . . but he wasnt here so i got a day of peace to just talk to Frankie so ya its good

okay i think my moms crazy . . . my moms bf is part of the big brothers big sister program . . . so hes pair up with this kid shane . . . and they have know eachother for years . . . so apparently shanes coming over for the day on sunday . . . and im soposed to take him riding . . . so lets see . . . lets put a 15 year old guy who has no clue how to ride and has never even touched a horse and put him on his own horse and put me on my horse and for the fun of it lets just go on a trail ride too !!! hes my age and if i like him . . . it will be a blast but if i dont and i have to spend the day with him and take him for a ride it will be toture . . . so hopefully hes awsome and we atleast get along . . . i dont have to be in love with the guy . . .i just have to be able to deal with him

sorry i couldnt further explain the situation . . . i was at school and people started reading over my shoulder! how rude! . . . omfg . . . Dom texted me (i dont know how) but yeah he almost cut his fingers off on a saw in woodshop . . . and i thought some one made it up! well i got to have a nice talk with Frankie . . . just me and him (since Dom was nearly fingerless and absent from our group) we talked about pretty much everything . . . somethings more random than others . . . ie the possibility that Dom realy lost a finger or two . . . but we also talked about relationships . . . and why he broke up with becky . . . so generaly good day . . . except for my test in math which im kinda scared that i failed . . . but it was a tiny one so my grade should be able to take it . . . lol but Connor offered to tutor me if i needed it . . . but the other dom the one that was making fun of the fact that i had a crush on T.J. was kinda creeping me out today . . . when this kid andrew asked me if i had any gum and i said only the gum in my mouth . . . dom said he would take that from me (but if he was thinking but if he thinking what i was thinking thats a little bit unappropiate for school) so yeah crazy day but i went okay . . . my highlight of the day was probly when my gym teacher asked the kid that i was partnered up with if he had the balls to actually play . . . which then got the response . . .but shes a girl . . . which i responded to with . . . sooooo? . . . and the gym teacher just asked me . . . he realy doesnt have the balls to do it does he? . . . that was great

amandaandeggo 10-23-2008 03:56 PM

(about 30 seconds after the last post)

wohoo i gots two carrots now

Rachluvshorses4eva 10-24-2008 01:16 AM

I love your journal! This one and the one in the girl section!

amandaandeggo 10-24-2008 01:16 PM

alright ur awsome . . . lol . . . but ofcourse you have to tell me when you get one (if you ever do . . . and if you have one and i just dont know)

amandaandeggo 10-24-2008 01:19 PM


well no Dom today . . . and so far nothing special yet . . . except i put gell in my hair and just let it dry and apparently everyone thinks it looks nice *note to self post pics of it later* . . . but yeah so far today has been boring *yawn*

amandaandeggo 10-24-2008 08:56 PM

just cause you asked sooo nicely here is the pix i promised

amandaandeggo 10-24-2008 09:22 PM

opps so here it is right side up

RusticWildFire 10-25-2008 01:34 AM

aww you look really pretty!! I like your hair like that. I wish I could get mine to look something like that. :roll: Mines WAY too thick and full of body. :???:

amandaandeggo 10-25-2008 11:55 AM

lol mine to . . . to get it to do that i cant brush it . . . it just has to air dry and put some moose or gell in it :D . . . its always a little curly

amandaandeggo 10-25-2008 11:57 AM


leaving for a hershey park (in pa . . . yes the land of many choclates) . . . we will see what happens there cause we realy dont have plans . . . but Frankie texted my friday night . . . so maybe Dom didnt fully screw things up for me :D

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