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beau159 03-29-2013 03:37 PM

Nice 2006 AQHA gelding FOR SALE - barrels, roping, or cattle
Saltys Red Rock ("Red") is a stoudt gelding, about 15.1 to 15.2 hands tall and probably around 1,200 pounds. He was named as such because he is solid as a rock from the day he was born! Red is bred excellent (Texas High Dasher, Jet Deck, Paprika Pine, Boston Mac) and he is very athletic. He has the talent to do great things. He is registered with AQHA # 4876856
Saltys Red Rock Quarter Horse

I am the second owner of Red and I purchased him last year in May. He has a very loveable personality. He loves attention and loves people. He often nickers when I show up at the barn! He stands great for the farrier, he loads easily into the trailer (slant load or stock), and is very pleasant to be around. He has good ground manners but you have to sometimes remind him to "stay out of your bubble", as he is very personable. He will walk on you if you don't know what you're doing and you let him, but if you ask him to respect you, he will without a problem.

Red is for an EXPERIENCED RIDER ONLY. He has a motor and he has speed, and he is sensitive to your leg cues. You need to know what you are doing when you ride him. He knows simple lead changes (currently trying to work on flying lead changes), he sidepasses, and can turn on the fore or the haunches. I’ve also taken him over low cavaletti jumps and he seems to quite enjoy jumping. He does do the best with regular riding. He focuses better when he is legged up.

I started Red on the barrels and poles last year around July. He is very energetic and has a more hot-type personality, so we've been taking training slow and he's been doing well. Towards the end of the fall, I started asking him to lope the patterns and he was showing great promise in both. I only have videos on working the barrels (it was too windy that day to do poles; the wind would blow them over!) but Red is going to make a smoking pole horse. He needs a little work on the end poles, but he sure has the ability to turn it HARD. I've literally had to just hang on to keep myself from getting thrown out of position, he is so powerful when he knows what he needs to do.

These are the videos I have of Red working the barrels, from late last summer. Please note that I always ride him for a couple miles before I work on the patterns. It helps him to focus better. He has not seen a barrel since October, so he will need a refresher.

If not for barrels and poles, Red would also make a fantastic ROPING horse. He is VERY COWY. I've only had him around cows a handful of times, but he was ears-pinned and biting at them, very intent with working them. He shows a lot of promise there. And with his killer speed, a cow or calf will never get by you.

The only reason Red is for sale is because I don’t think we are a perfect match. I had to put down my good barrel horse last year, and I’ve just been trying to find “the one” that I click really well with again. Red is a very talented individual, and I don’t feel I can bring him to his full potential. He deserves to reach that full potential. Plus, my old horse was a push-style barrel horse, and Red is going to be a free runner. As a rider, I’d like to have another push-style barrel horse.

Red will continue to be ridden and trained. (Although we have only ridden a handful of times this spring, with it being so icy outside.) I am in no hurry to sell him because I want to find him a good home. I will be taking him to a Judy Myllymaki clinic in mid-April, and then he will be going for 30 days of reining training (I like well-rounded individuals, and I think Red would do well with reining).

Red is 100% sound and healthy. He saw the dentist in November, the chiropractor in February, the farrier just a few weeks ago, UTD on his vaccinations and deworming, current negative Coggins, and was just seen by a lameness specialist for flexion tests and passed with flying colors. You are welcome to view my receipts and vet descriptions.

His price is FIRM at this point, and will only increase as he receives specialized training. Asking $3,500

Please feel free to ask any questions about Red. Send me a PM if you are interested, and I'll provide my cell phone number so we can chat!

beau159 03-29-2013 03:40 PM

CLaPorte432 03-29-2013 03:55 PM

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Wow, this must have been a hard decision. :-(
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beau159 03-30-2013 09:26 AM

Yea, it's not an easy one. But I've been thinking about it since last fall. I just really feel that someone else can "click" better with him.

He has awesome potential. Which makes me want to reconsider selling him, because I've seen him do it. But gotta do the right thing when he's not "the one".
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beau159 04-01-2013 01:56 PM

Took Red to the indoor on Saturday and what a great experience! Makes me want to reconsider selling him. He must have heard .... lol.

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