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Bambaura 03-29-2013 08:27 PM

Facial Abscess Treatment
The vet was out yesterday to treat the abscess on my horse's face. He was unable to drain the abscess. Tried for a while, needles and a knife but nothing came out. I was given antibiotics for the next two weeks and to call only if anything gets worse.
Later in the evening I gave my horse his meds and noticed a little bit of puss. I wiped it off carefully and nothing else came out.
This morning there was a little bit more, and tonight there was quite a bit.
Since this is a holiday weekend the vet is closed until monday. Looking for some advice on treating...... or should I just leave it alone??? It makes sense to me to put a warm cloth and try to get some of the stuff out, but the vet didn't mention anything about this.
Anybody ever had to treat something like this???

CCH 03-29-2013 08:37 PM

Hot packs and flushing the hole your vet worked on will help. Because he attempted to lance it, you might want to apply pressure to try to "pop" it. It probably hurts quite a bit now, but will feel better once the pressure is off. Often there are hard chunks that need to come out flushing and a little pressure will help. Sometimes a sweat of DMSO and furasone is used, but that might not be a good idea on the face. You wouldn't want it to get into his mucous membranes.

Other than that, keep it clean and apply antibacterial ointment.
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