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Angel_Leaguer 10-24-2008 12:34 PM

To flu shot, or not??
I noticed today at work that they are offering flu shots for like 15 bucks... is it worth it to get a flu shot? I havent ever had one to my living knowledge and ive heard that some people have gotten sick a couple days ofter the shot or end up getting sick anyways.

I just dont know how important it is to get one, The last few years they have only let the young, elderly, or sick get the shot. Is anyone else getting one this year?

Moxie 10-24-2008 12:41 PM

Seth always gets his flu shot. He's in school and daycare, I feel that it's important for him to have one.

Craig gets his from work, I'm pretty sure he gets one every year, but ends up getting sick anyway. I'm thinking that the flu shot is a lot like the Guardia shot for dogs, it doesn't cover every strain of flu out there.

I haven't got a flu shot in a few years. I got the flu last year. So.. I dunno, it's a toss up, in my opinion.

Mike_Admin 10-24-2008 12:45 PM

I got the flu shot last year and caught the flu anyhow. There was apparently a strain that was impervious to vaccination. I'm not sure whether I'll get it again this year for that reason. Then again, would I have had the flu twice last winter if not for the shot? I'm not too hot on having these things injected into my body. Maybe I've just seen too many movies...

iridehorses 10-24-2008 12:57 PM

Every year my daughter and my wife (both of whom work for doctors) get flu shots and I don't. Every year they get sick and I don't. What you think?

hotreddun 10-24-2008 02:56 PM

25 years old...never had the flu shot...never had the flu :???:

Joshie 10-24-2008 06:13 PM

Last year they guessed incorrectly and many people who had the flu shot got the flu. The flu shot protects against influenza, a respiratory illness. Believe me, if any family member of yours has ever had it you don't want them to get it again. My daughter has had the flu and she almost died. We all get the flu shot now.

I hope you never get the flu. Get the flu shot unless you're allergic to eggs or have another medical reason not to get it.

Dumas'_Grrrl 10-24-2008 06:50 PM

*knock on wood* Haven't had the flu or a shot for over 15 years.

Angel_Leaguer 10-25-2008 12:07 AM

hmmm... mixed results, Thanks everyone!!!

DashAwayAll 10-26-2008 06:30 AM

The Health Admin and vaccine producers have to guess what strain of flu is going to be the big killer . Then they have to generate out millions of doses of vaccine. And yes, people die of the flu.

You can be vaccinated against strain A, but still get nailed with strain B. Get it? Usually the flu shot "helps" even if you get attacked with another strain because you have a higher resistance level.

Would you get your horse vaccinated for $15 against a bug that would make him/her feel horrible for two weeks? Possibly kill your horse? Sure ya would.

Many folks say "I get a flu shot, then I get the flu!" Well, when you get the shot your body reacts like you have the flu. The vaccine is either dead or modified... so you might get a mild headache, sniffles or whatever for a day.( has never happened to me.) That still beats laying on the sofa feeling like crap on toast for a fortnight!

Get the flu shot. If you have kids ( nasty little germ spreaders), are older, have medical conditions ( such as emphysema, asthma, etc.) GET THE DANG SHOT. Don't be a sissy.

my2geldings 10-26-2008 01:25 PM

I get it done to cover my bum. If I get ill to the point where I have to go to the hospital, I will be covered because its one of the first thing they will ask "did you get all the immunizations we asked you to get done?".

There is no way to know that anything we get, even when it concerns medicine, that anything really works. There are thousands of different flues and vaccines only cover a tiny portion.

If it's available do it. It won't hurt you to get it done, and the risks even tho sometimes extreme(on the rare situations) make it still worth covering yourself.

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